Zetros – Mercedes Creates a Custom Expedition Vehicle for Mongolian Hunters

These Mercedes-Benz “Zetros” have been built for two Mongolian friends as expedition vehicles. The pair intend to use them for traditional Mongolian wolf hunts using an eagle.


When setting out on their quest for the perfect vehicle, they were primarily looking for something capable of handling the country’s rugged landscape. As a bonus, the vehicle could also be converted in to a luxury home on wheels.

Zestros 6x6 Home - Mercedes - Germany - 6 - Humble Homes


Mercedes took their requirements and created what looks like a cross between a military vehicle and a luxurious RV. The hard exterior gives way to a much softer, more refined, interior. One of the Zetros is also equipped with a 4×4, that is stored away in the bottom of the back cab.

The interior features a luxurious finish complete with a bedroom shower, kitchen and a sitting/dining area. It also comes with a host of tech including a 46″ flat-screen TV, rear view camera, a Bose sound system, Bluetooth, and air conditioning. All these items can be powered by a diesel generator or solar panels.


Zestros 6x6 Home - Mercedes - Germany - 3 - Humble Homes

The living space is finished with natural materials including wood, marble, aluminium and leather. The roofs of the vehicles are equipped with a storage system, capable of holding up to 100kg of cargo. And, in case of emergency, there are two spare wheels fixed to the rear of the unit.

The Zetros both measure 8.86-feet (2.7-meters) in width. The version with the quad bike is 37.07-feet (11.3-meters) in length, while the one without is 35.10-feet (10.7-meters). Each has also been adorned with its own graphic – the bigger Zetros sports a golden eagle, the other a horse.

Zestros 6x6 Home - Mercedes - Germany - 4 - Humble Homes

On the tech spec side of things, the trucks contain Mercedes own OM 926 LA 7.2 liter turbo diesel engines. The engines are capable of a whopping 326 horsepower with a torque of 959 lb-ft at just 1200-1600 rpm. One truck has a 6-speed automatic transmission, while the other is a 9-speed manual.

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