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Can Your Tiny House Plans Be Used For Commercial Purposes?

No. All our tiny house plans come with a license that permits the purchaser to build one tiny house for residential use. If you are interested in purchasing plans for commercial purposes, please contact us directly at:

Do You Have An Affiliate Program?

We sure do! Check out our affiliates page for more info.

What's The R-Value Of The Tiny Houses?

Our tiny houses contain the following r-values when standard expanded polystyrene insulation is installed. More environmentally friendly products can also be installed instead of rigid board insulation, although you will typically see a reduction in the r-value.


Floor framing is constructed from either 24s, or 26s depending on the house type. The 24 floors can achieve an insulation value of R16. For 26 floors the value will be increased to R19.


All our tiny houses are constructed with 24 walls. The walls have are rated as R16.


Depending on the house, the roof may be constructed from 24s, 26s or 28s. Tiny houses with 24 roofs will have an insulation value of R16, 26s a value of R19, and 28s a value of 24.

These figures are to be used as a guideline only. R-values can vary between manufacturers.

What Format Are Downloadable Plans?

Once your order is confirmed, plans can be downloaded via a link and viewed with any PDF reader.

Can A Novice Builder Construct A Home?

While prior knowledge and experience in construction is always an asset, our homes are relatively simple structures. We do not believe that the undertaking of the construction of one of our homes is beyond that of an amateur builder. That said, we recommend some aspects be left to licensed professionals (like electrical installations) and working with an experienced builder (or a friend with some know-how) is always a great help.

How Is Square Footage Calculated?

Square footage is calculated from the interior finished wall surface, allowing you to get an idea of the actual space available in the homes. Note that the square footage includes the loft and storage areas.

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