Can Your Tiny House Plans Be Used For Commercial Purposes?

All our tiny house plans come with a license that permits the purchaser to build one tiny house for residential use. If you are interested in purchasing plans for commercial purposes, please contact us directly at: [email protected].

Do You Have An Affiliate Program?

We sure do! Check out our affiliates page for more info.

What Is Your Refund Policy?

Downloadable Plans
Due of the nature of our downloadable plans which are digitally delivered and non-tangible goods, we cannot offer refunds or chargebacks for purchases.

Printed Plans
A refund may be awarded for printed plans if the following conditions are met:

  1. They are returned within 30 days of purchase
  2. The plans have not been opened, or tampered with in any way

Please ensure that you read our FAQs and End User License Agreement (EULA) prior to your purchase. As always you can contact us in advance with any queries.

What’s The R-Value Of The Tiny Houses?

Our tiny houses contain the following r-values when standard expanded polystyrene insulation is installed. More environmentally friendly products can also be installed instead of rigid board insulation, although you will typically see a reduction in the r-value.

Floor framing is constructed from either 24s, or 26s depending on the house type. The 24 floors can achieve an insulation value of R16. For 26 floors the value will be increased to R19.

All our tiny houses are constructed with 24 walls. The walls have are rated as R16.

Depending on the house, the roof may be constructed from 24s, 26s or 28s. Tiny houses with 24 roofs will have an insulation value of R16, 26s a value of R19, and 28s a value of 24.

These figures are to be used as a guideline only. R-values can vary between manufacturers.

What’s Included In A Set Of Plans?

Each set of plans contains a minimum of the following:

  • Foundation plans for both utility trailers and permanent concrete foundation
  • Annotated exterior elevations of the sides and roof
  • Annotated floor plans of the first floor and loft
  • Construction floor plans of the first floor and loft
  • Electrical schematic of the first floor and loft
  • Framing plans for the floor, walls, roof, gable ends, loft, interior partitions etc
  • Timber cut details with dimensions and angles for items like rafters and gable end plates
  • Custom cabinetry construction overview
  • Cross-section details
  • Complete nailing schedule as well as specification of any special connectors
  • Components page with recommended furniture, appliances, fixtures and fittings

In addition to the above some plans may also include the following details:

  • Plumbing schematic
  • Basic rainwater harvest schematic
  • General kicker box construction
  • Solar array schematic with grid tie-in

Do Plans Contain An Architect Or Engineers Stamp/Seal?

While plans are designed by design professionals, plans are not site specific and therefore cannot be signed off for approval in your area. However, all plans are designed to meet the International Residential Codes (IRC)*, BS 3632-2005 Residential Park Homes* and Structural Eurocode 5. We recommend submitting your plans to your local building authority prior to any construction to ensure compliance with local codes.

*For the most part our plans conform to the IRC and BS3632, however they do not meet their specified minimum areas. We believe these minimum areas to be somewhat contrived and in most regions you will be able to challenge your local building authority on this matter.

What Format Are Downloadable Plans?

Once your order is confirmed, plans can be downloaded via a link and viewed with Adobe Reader (PDF).

Can A Novice Builder Construct A Home?

While prior knowledge and experience in construction is always an asset, our homes are relatively simple structures. We do not believe that the undertaking of the construction of one of our homes is beyond that of an amateur builder. That said, we recommend some aspects be left to licensed professionals (like electrical installations) and working with an experienced builder (or a friend with some know-how) is always a great help.

How Is Square Footage Calculated?

Square footage is calculated from the interior finished wall surface, allowing you to get an idea of the actual space available in the homes. Note that the square footage includes the loft and storage areas.

What Is Your Privacy Policy?

Any information we collect is used solely to a) improve our website’s content, b) modify the layout of our web pages, c) notify customers about updates, or, d) used to contact customers for marketing puposes.

Email addresses are only recorded if the consumer volunteers it; via survey, newsletter or other. Humble Homes will not share any email addresses with other organisations for commercial purposes without your advance permission consent.

If you should wish to stop receiving information from us, please contact us via email with your name and other contact information.

Information Collected by Third-Party Sites

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If you have any further questions regarding our privacy policy, please send an email to [email protected] with privacy policy as the subject.

What Are Your Terms Conditions?

Please see our End User License Agreement (EULA). This EULA applies to all our tiny house plans.