The Blue Jay Tiny House Plans

Price: $249

Originally designed for a self-employed couple who work in the creative industries, the Blue Jay Tiny House features a spare room that’s perfect for a home office or hobby space.

  • Workspace that serves as a home office/spare room
  • Large living area, patio doors and a fold-up porch
  • Generous sleeping loft and lots of storage


Or, have them printed for $324

Tiny House Details

Exterior Details
Footprint 8′ x 24′
Total Area (exc porch) 290 sq ft
House Height (exc trailer) 11′
Interior Details
Living Area 7′-5″ x 11′-9″
Home Office 6′-6″ x 4′-5″
Bathroom 6′-6″ x 2′-8″
Kitchen 7′-5″ x 4′-8″
Loft 7′-0″ x 8′-9″
Ceiling Height – Kitchen 6′-9″
Self-Build Cost $25,500

House Plan Details

The Blue Jay Tiny House plans contain the following items. For more info about our plans check out our “What’s Included?” page.

  • Components page of fixtures, fittings appliances
  • Details for permanent foundations and trailers
  • General floor plans & construction floor plans
  • Residential license to build one house
  • Basic rainwater harvesting schematic
  • Solar array with grid-tie schematic
  • Construction notes, hints & tips
  • Annotated exterior elevations
  • Partition construction details
  • Construction framing plans
  • Custom cabinetry overview
  • Transverse cross-sections
  • Electrical schematic
  • Plumbing schematic
  • Timber cut details
  • Nailing schedule

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