A Small Guest House in Barcelona Gets A Modern Makeover

This small guest house in Barcelona has been renovated by the Spanish design studio Dom Architecture. The house was not allowed to be extended, leaving the architects to work within the confines of the existing building.


Mountain Guest House - Small House - Dom Architecture - Barcelona - Exterior - Humble Homes

The house has a footprint of just 700 square feet (65 square meters). With no changes in size permitted, the architects had to adapt the building program to suit the house. The first work undertaken was to insulate and waterproof the roof, followed by the exterior walls.


Mountain Guest House - Small House - Dom Architecture - Barcelona - Living Areas - Humble Homes

The concept of the redesign was to bring the inside space to the outside. To achieve this they installed several large glass windows and patio doors, providing views of the quiet garden. The front of the property has been extended with a large wicker pergola.


Mountain Guest House - Small House - Dom Architecture - Barcelona - Bedroom - Humble Homes

The pergola forms part of the exterior deck, increasing the terrace space and creating another way for visitors to enjoy the garden, and the orchard beyond. The interior has been envisioned as a “single and continuous space”. The living room, kitchen and adjoining dining area form the main hub of the home.

Mountain Guest House - Small House - Dom Architecture - Barcelona - Bedroom 2 - Humble Homes

Off of the main rooms you’ll find a large comfortable bedroom, and bathroom. Interestingly more space has been allocated to the bedroom, bathroom, and storage closet than the adjacent living areas. The wood floors also match the cabinetry throughout, helping to promote that sense of continuity.

Mountain Guest House - Small House - Dom Architecture - Barcelona - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

All the rooms within the house feature large windows, which draw in light and provide viewpoints. The windows feature deep inset sills, acting almost like a frame and creating a window seat at the same time. The finish throughout is contemporary, with little color or accents, and modern furniture pieces.

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Photos: Dom Architecture

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  1. Yes, a very smart floor plan, with intelligent use of space and built-ins.. It would be a joy to see this plan done up as a traditional gable roof cottage design. MANY THANKS for including the floor plan because it is the floor plan that makes this a delight…. or so it seems to me.

  2. I love the idea of dividing the bed with the storage counter and still leaving the bedroom with an open airy feeling and a slight bit of privacy.

  3. Wow! This is what I am looking for. Is there an aprox. cost to build this from the ground up? Building in Maine USA!