Sleep Under the Stars with Ark-Shelter’s “Into the Wild” Cabin

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It seems like these standalone container-like retreats are becoming increasingly popular. Perhaps, as Ark-shelter put it, the demand is being driven by the need to disconnect ourselves from modern life, if only for a short time.


This project by Ark-shelter aim’s to help you do just that – disconnect, relax, and de-stress before you return to normality. It’s been dubbed “Into the Wild”.



Into the Wild takes on the form of a shipping container, although it’s construction is very different. Into the Wild is a purpose built dwelling, not a corrugated steel shell that’s been bent into the shape of a home. Ark-shelter, who are based in Slovakia, spent the past 3 years designing and refining their home.



The architects of the contemporary retreat describe it as a detox for the mind: “We want to create a place that gives you comfort in the heart of the nature and gives you the perfect setting for a detox of your mind. From this perspective we created a new Shelter type: ‘into the wild cabin’.”


For such as small home, the retreat contains a lot of large windows and openings. This is down to the designers wanting you to immerse yourself in the surroundings. It’s impossible to escape the scenic views when two sides of your building are largely glazed, along with almost all of the front elevation – and that’s before you account for the roof windows.


Large sliding doors on the front elevation can be rolled back to open the home up to the outside. The interior is finished almost entirely in wood. It’s used to form the surface finishes, cabinetry, shelving, and even furniture. The kitchen is found towards the middle of the home, and backs onto the bathroom.


To the right of the kitchen, there’s a bedroom flanked with storage cabinets. At the opposite end of the abode, there’s a dining area, followed by a living room. Above the bathroom and kitchen, there’s a small loft which allows you to sleep under the stars thanks to the pop-out roof windows.


From the designers: “This new Shelter has been a totally new challenge for us an it’s all about the details, we wanted to create a place that has it all in least possible space but with all the possible luxury.”

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