Scandic To Go – Shipping Container Makes for a Cozy Hotel Room

The Swedish hotelier, Scandic Hotels, has been providing a rather unique experience for its customers over the course of the last two years. They’ve been operating a mobile hotel called “Scandic To Go” that can be delivered to any location throughout the Nordic region.


Scandic To Go - Scandic Hotels - Sweden - Exterior - Humble Homes

They currently have two units dedicated to Scandic To Go. The units consist of shipping containers that have been transformed into cozy living spaces. Being shipping containers, they have small floor area of just 193 square feet (18 square meters).


Scandic To Go - Scandic Hotels - Sweden - Porch - Humble Homes

Despite their size, they’ve managed to incorporate quite a lot into the small space, including two bedrooms, a living area and a bathroom. There’s also the essential tea/coffee station as well as wifi and air conditioning. The interiors have been kitted out in plush décor, making it a comfortable home away from home.


Scandic To Go - Scandic Hotels - Sweden - Patio Door - Humble Homes

The bathroom is equipped with a full shower, toilet, sink, toiletries and soft bathrobes. The finish looks to be quite dark with different shades of blue found throughout. The dark finish is combated by the large patio doors found in both of the bedrooms.

Scandic To Go - Scandic Hotels - Sweden - Bedroom - Humble Homes

On the outside, there’s a substantial decking area allowing you to fully enjoy your chosen surroundings. It’s an interesting concept that’s similar to travelling hotels.

Scandic To Go - Scandic Hotels - Sweden - Bathroom - Humble Homes

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  1. I really like these container homes. where are they located in humble, texas. can we rent them? And if so, how much would be per month. thank you