Riverside Tiny House Takes Inspiration from Scandinavian Design

A group of designers and DIYers teamed together in Tennessee to create the tiny house company, New Frontier Tiny Homes. Their first home, dubbed the Riverside Tiny House, takes inspiration from Scandinavian architecture.


With a footprint of just 246 square feet (23 square meters) there’s not a lot of space to spare, but they’ve managed to incorporate all the amenities and most of the mod-cons you’d find in a normal home.

Riverside Tiny House - New Frontier Tiny Homes - Tennessee - Exterior - Humble Homes


The exterior is clad with wooden shiplap siding that’s finished in a deep blue. The inside finish is much lighter with sheets of blonde wood panelling lining the walls and roof. All told it contains a living room next to the front entrance, a dining area, kitchen, bathroom and a sleeping loft.

Riverside Tiny House - New Frontier Tiny Homes - Tennessee - Living Area 1 - Humble Homes


There’s also a small front porch and an outside kicker box for storage. The kitchen comes equipped with a two-burner cooktop, a sink, an under-counter fridge-freezer, and an array of cabinets and shelves. The cabinets were custom built, allowing for a “perfect fit”.

Riverside Tiny House - New Frontier Tiny Homes - Tennessee - Living Area 2 - Humble Homes

The bathroom, found opposite the kitchen, makes use of a composting toilet and a stainless steel shower cubicle. The loft, found above the kitchen and bathroom, can accommodate a double bed with ease, leaving some elbow room at the sides.

Riverside Tiny House - New Frontier Tiny Homes - Tennessee - Kitchen - Humble Homes

The loft is accessed by a ladder – a little old-fashioned by modern tiny house standards, which seem to focus on incorporating staircases and downstairs bedrooms, but when accessibility isn’t an issue, it’s still a popular option thanks to its space-saving nature.

Riverside Tiny House - New Frontier Tiny Homes - Tennessee - Bedroom - Humble Homes

They’ve opted for a tankless propane hot water heater, which is a compact solution that allows for an off-grid lifestyle (provided you’ve got electrical power). For heating the temperature can be controlled by a Mini Split HVAC. If you’re interested the house is on sale for $79,000.

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  1. These are copied from Tumbleweed Tiny Homes. I had re-designed a scale model for myself, made from foam core board, mainly to see if I could feasibly include a real staircase (for my declining years). Had planned to build put it on my acre and 1/2 property in Kitsap County, WA, but they are not allowed. So I scrapped that idea, sold the property and moved to AZ where I bought the most affordable housing available in a 55+ mobile home park with tons of amenities and very low monthly lot rent. Another way of living small without the hassles of real estate laws, etc.