Prefabricated Tiny Houses for $50,000

The L41 is a prefab tiny house that’s only 220 square feet in size. Designed by architect Michael Katz and artist Janet Corne, the compact home is built around the principles of sustainability with its green building materials, energy efficient appliances and lighting and its use of renewable energy sources.


The L41 is designed to be constructed on either a pier or four-point foundation, allowing for a minimal impact on the site. And if its eco-credentials haven’t impressed you already, the designers are aiming to produce the home for just $50,000!



Designed to be constructed on piers or a four-point foundation, the home could easily be located on any site with minimal impact. Eventually the designers hope that they can produce it for just $50,000 each. They’re hoping the the home will eventually be able to be mass-produced, allowing them to make it very affordable.

The 220-square foot studio features built-in storage, living/bedroom space, kitchen and a bathroom. There are other models available including a 290 sq. ft. 1-bedroom unit and a 360 sq. ft. 2-bedroom unit.

The home is constructed with cross-laminated timber; an engineered product made from beetle-killed pine tree in the north-west of the US. Beetle-killed lumber is structurally sound, although if left in its natural environment it would rot in the woods. Making use of the wood for construction is a great alternative to using timber from healthy trees.

Each tiny prefab home includes triple-glazed windows, LED lighting, solar heating, heat recovery and a green roof.

Via Inhabitat

Niall Burke

Structural engineer by day, tiny house designer by night. Niall has a keen interest in small spaces, green design, and sustainability. He started developing Humble Homes while studying for his masters degree in engineering. He is the founder and managing editor of Humble Homes.

  1. I like this and many of your other postings. I am not able to like any of these on/to FaceBook becuase I am blocked by FB, with a warning that there is a “dangerous link” in the message I am posting. ???

  2. Hey Richard, unfortunately Facebook has blocked all links to Humble Homes despite having a secure, spam-free site. We’ve reported the problem to Facebook, so hopefully they’ll remove the block sometime soon.

  3. hey there, was just looking through your builds. Far from humble might i say, they are incredible! arcitecural genius. 50,000 is far from a humble price also, as much as i love these homes ha

  4. Why such a tiny sink and yet a giant dishwasher? There is not enough room to stand in front of the sink with the dishwasher open. Maybe it is a normal sized dishwasher and it just looks enormous next to a tiny sink?

  5. Oh tiny sinks are the trendy poo thing these days. Think it’s a sort of “look, we’ve got a sink but we really don’t use it” type of mentality.

    If you can’t put a roasting pan in it flat, then it ain’t a sink. IMHO

  6. As a semi retired designer /builder, I offer my humble opinion on this matter. I have built over 500 homes and hundreds of condos in my 35 years on the job and I’ve taught
    At a local community school on ” how to build your own home and save 30-40% on your finished home”. Every class was full and most of the students could not believe how much they saved. All it takes is having someone who knows the business inside and out to teach you the tricks that builders play on their clients that fill their coffers with money that you didn’t even know you were paying. I believe that builders are entitled to be paid well for their services but if your looking to build and you just don’t have the money to hire someone to oversee your project, then take the time to learn. I love these small homes but $50,000 , FIFTY GRAND!!!!! That is ridiculous !!!! For that kind of money you can build a 1200 sq ft house with proper planning. My God!!!!!
    There are so many ways to accomplish the construction for a very reasonable amount of money.

  7. Wow, over 500 homes in 35 years! Gee, that works out at under 25.5 days per house, all without taking any holidays at all. But wait… that’s not all. Hundreds of condos too? Seems as though E P Kelly is a building superman.

    How come he ain’t world famous? /sarcasm

  8. I actually think $50,000 is very reasonable considering that it wouldn’t be a self-built home, but rather one which you order and arrives (at least partially) finished. Paul – very true on the sinks, and I too am guilty of incorporating some very small sinks in some of my designs. I’ll have to watch out for that one in future, haha.

  9. What makes it 50K is all the sustainability features as well as some high end stuff. All that glass. When you get this small, square foot price sky rockets. Because there are certain expenses you will incur no matter what your square footage. Your bathroom and kitchen fixtures are your big ticket items. Your windows and door costs will be pretty similar on a 400 sf house and a 1000 sf house. Open space is the cheapest part of your build. I agree with Kelley. In my area for 50K, you could do a self built home of at least 1000 sf for that price. And, yes, guys, my husband was a builder for about 20 years and he built/worked on probably a few hundred houses. The builder is not working on the house 8 hours a day, five days a week. You oversee the work which is mostly done by subcontractors.

  10. In regards to the sarcastic comment left by
    I don’t feel like I have to justify my 35 years of achievements to a stranger but if you knew anything about construction/ Development you would have paused before hitting the SEND button on your comment.
    Yes over 500 homes, hundreds of Condos,
    and dozens of other projects. When you design and build on a large scale, you are building 40-50 homes at a time. They are called SUB-DIVISIONS. They get built with the hard work of hundreds of framers and other sub contractors. At the center of any project, is the boss, the Developer , the guy in charge. That was me. I hope that I have said enough to make you understand how that much work gets done. If not then you will have to do your own homework on the construction business. Thank you,
    As far as my shock as to the cost, 50,000 is not an unreasonable sum if your paying someone to manage and build your tiny home. My comment was designed for the do it yourself builder. There are so many ways to save money on a small project like a tiny home, but only if you are the principle on the project. Much time and labor and love will go into your project and the cost can be controlled by planning and sticking to the budget. All the little extras add up and can drive the cost up. If a person is not able and up to the task you may be better off hiring someone to run the job for you at a fixed price. I’m sorry if my earlier comment confused you PAUL, but you really should have put a bit more thought into your statement. Good luck to all and God Bless
    E. P. Kelley

  11. E P… my apologies. I read that as “you” had built over 500 homes yourself. As in you were the person doing the building work.

    I hereby rescind my sarcastic comment.

    However, I made no comment on the cost of building. I have seen enough variations in costs of building various different Tiny Houses and know only too well that professional labour costs.

    Besides, I live in New Zealand where an average house costs around $NZ 300,000 to build. Section and services extra. At today’s exchange rate $300k equates to just over $US 198000.

    Again, my apologies for not realising that you were in effect a building company.

    Peace and God Bless to you too.

  12. @ EP Kelly
    I would be interested in details on your workshop.
    Can you please leave link info in a comment? thanks in advance

  13. This is ridiculous! This must have been started by the Millennials as no one in their right mind would pay $50000 in a house where you can’t even stand up in your bedroom! These are so tiny that I can’t imagine any more than one person living in them and $50000 is way too much. We paid that for our first home and it was 1200 square feet! And I could actually stand up in every room. I hope this is a fad that is going to burn itself out in a few years because this is a ridiculous price for such a small tiny little home!

  14. I love the glass, but the pirce seems steep for such a small house. I’m 6ft and I don’t know if I would be happy in such a small space.

  15. @WolfWantsHouses

    At 6 ft tall you don’t what? Come on, ceiling height is considerably more than 6 ft. You can tell by looking at door height in regards to building height. So what about your height makes you think you wouldn’t be happy in such a small place? Or is it just your pre-conceived notions on what house size should be?

    Tiny houses can be small space wise if not well laid out. But there are plenty of examples of the opposite. Try going to this site to see an amazing example of what can be done: