Nolla Cabin Blends into the Background of this Shorefront in Finland

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Perched along a shore front in Vallisaari, Finland, this tiny retreat puts minimalism to the test with its low-tech approach. The building has been designed by the Finnish architect Studio Mr. Falck.



Falck implemented a decidedly low-tech approach when creating the retreat. The aim was to produce a minimalist, environmentally friendly getaway built with responsibly and renewable materials.


The cabin has been built from sustainable materials and is designed for a simple lifestyle with minimal to no emissions, taking into account the surrounding nature in every respect. – Robin Falck


Titled Nolla Cabin, the building’s structure is composed mainly of timber, a renewable and locally available material. It appears that the cabin is simply set on the rocky shoreline, foregoing the need for a foundation which would disrupt the landscape.



The project was completed in 2018, and can be found just outside of Helsinki City, on the island of Vallisaari. It amounts to a total of 96.88-square-feet (9-square-meters).

The cabin is the size of a small bedroom and can be assembled and transported without heavy machinery, leaving its environment nearly untouched. – Robin Falck


On the inside, the Nolla Cabin is furnished simply, with two single beds and a desk. The front elevation looks out over the water, offering uninterrupted views through a triangular pane of glass spans from the floor to the apex.


On the outside, the unit is nearly invisible to the eye from the sides – it’s been clad with mirrored sheeting, allowing it to disappear into the backdrop when approached from some angles. All in all, it’s an idyllic spot for relaxing weekend away from the bustle of the city.


Photos © Fanny Hagman

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