NestSpace Create a Scandinavian-Inspired Apartment in Taiwan for Three Generations

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This cool, contemporary apartment can be found in the Wenshan district of Taiwan. The property was renovated on the behalf of the client, Mr. Yu, along with his wife and mother.



A local design firm by the name of Nestspace Design undertook the overhauling of the dated property and injecting it with a new lease of life.



The project, titled Sunlight House, was completed in 2018. The unit covers an area of 1,130-square-feet (105-square-meters) – space enough for Yu and his family.



The interior was revised and the designers, along with Mr. Yu, opted to create a Scandinavian style home, with a focus on storage and light. As a result, the interior features light surfaces finishes. White walls and ceilings are used in the main living areas, while storage units are made with pale woods.

Since the Yu family wished their refurbishment based on Nordic aesthetic, keeping most interiors in a light tone including white walls, oak, and beech wood. – Nestspace Design

Pops of color are introduced through the furniture and fixings. Bright pastel lampshades, green curtains and the tan sofa all help to add a bit of variety to the white backdrop.


Storage was an important consideration in this redesign. The designers had to account for not only the current occupants, but also future children. As a result, one of the new rooms has been labelled as “kid room”. Storage is worked into most living spaces, usually flanking the walls to avoid interrupting the flow of the open play layout.


Doubling up on use is also a feature of the project. The living area contains a raised portion that is used as a space for the family to relax on. However it can also be separated from the rest of the living area by pulling across a curtain. This simple action allows the owners to turn the space into a guest bedroom, as and when needed.

On one side of the couch is a recreation area, where the family usually spend their leisure time. If someone stays overnight, this space will instantly become a tiny guest room. – Nestspace Design


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