Moon Dragon – A Fairy Tale Tiny House by Zyl Vardos That Costs $96,000

This quirky tiny house has been built by Abel Zimmerman of Zyl Vardos. The house, which wouldn’t look out of place in a fairy-tale, has been titled Moon Dragon.


Moon Dragon Off-grid Tiny House - Zyl-Vardos - US - Exterior - Humble Homes

The house is 24 feet long and boasts plenty of playful curves and arches that are evident both inside and out. The Onduvilla shingle and shiplap wall cladding, along with the various oddly-shaped windows, help to complete the “out-of-this-world” look. However, despite appearances, it’s a thoroughly modern home on the inside.


Moon Dragon Off-grid Tiny House - Zyl-Vardos - US - Kitchen - Humble Homes

Moon Dragon is about 9 feet wide and has a total height of 13.1 feet at its peak (keeping it under the 13.5 foot maximum height found in most US states). The company is renowned for producing unusual and quirky tiny houses, and this one looks to be their most complex project yet.


Moon Dragon Off-grid Tiny House - Zyl-Vardos - US - Interior Living Area - Humble Homes

You enter the home through a set of hand-built Dutch style doors that take you into the living area. The entire interior looks to be finished in wood including the floor, walls, ceiling and cabinetry. The floor is composed of cork, the walls and cabinets are made of mahogany plywood, while the curved ceiling is finished in tongue and groove cedar.

Moon Dragon Off-grid Tiny House - Zyl-Vardos - US - Bathroom - Humble Homes

There’s a small wood-burning stove to keep you toasty during the colder months. The kitchen features a large five-burner stove complete with two ovens, a large refrigerator and sink, along with plenty of counter and storage units. It all adds up to make it a relatively luxurious space to cook in (on a tiny house scale anyway).

Moon Dragon Off-grid Tiny House - Zyl-Vardos - US - Loft Bedroom - Humble Homes

The loft bedroom contains a total of 117 square feet, has a queen-size bed and extra storage can be found in the alternating tread staircase. The home also comes with the option to install a solar array, allowing the owners to survive off-the-grid if desired. Zyl Vardos has an estimated price of $96,000 – steep for a tiny house, but the amount of work involved in creating it is evident.

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Photos: Zyl Vardos

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  1. Abel Zimmerman is an extraordinary artist! ALL of his work is visually beautiful and functionally excellent. I admire everything he does. His prices are minuscule relative to the quality and value of his work.

  2. If it was made from gold bullion it would make that megalomaniac Trump look like a pauper.

    Quality generally does cost my friend, yes it does.