KammerSpiel – A Small Space Modular Living Unit by Nils Holger Moorman

Dubbed Kammerspiel, this project is the brain child of German designer, Nils Holger Moorman. It’s aimed at providing modern flexible accommodation for those living in micro apartments.


Kammerspiel condenses several rooms and functions into a small unit that acts as a space saving solution for studio flats. Moorman describes it as the largest furniture piece he’s worked on to date.

Kammerspiel - Nils Holger Moormann - Germany - Interior 1 - Humble Homes


The unit contains a space for sleeping, eating, reading and working. The various rooms are placed along the sides, with the sleeping area found at the top. A small set of stairs, which double as drawers, take you up to the “bedroom”. On the inside, you’ll find a walk-in wardrobe and some extra storage.

Kammerspiel - Nils Holger Moormann - Germany - Interior 2 - Humble Homes


“At a time when affordable living space is becoming scarce and the grand opera is not always possible, a Kammerspiel – or intimate theatre – can be a fitting alternative. It’s a room within a room, condensing enough features and space to take the airiness of the rest of the apartment into consideration.”

Kammerspiel - Nils Holger Moormann - Germany - Interior 5 - Humble Homes

According to Moorman, the unit is adaptable and can be tailored to the individual needs of people, although they’ve specifically targeted writers, sportspeople, homeworkers and the “fashion conscious”. Aside from the modular unit, the remainder of the showcase home has been completed in typical Moorman style, with black and plywood finishes.

Kammerspiel - Nils Holger Moormann - Germany - Interior 3 - Humble Homes

The creation of Kammerspiel is a reflection of the growing need for small space living solutions. Particularly for city dwellers, who are being pushed into smaller properties thanks to rising prices.

Kammerspiel - Nils Holger Moormann - Germany - Interior 3 - Humble Homes

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