Hey! is a Small Colorful Apartment from Taipei by A’Lentil Design

Like any large city, the city of Taipei in Taiwan is home to its fair share of small apartments and houses. One such apartment was recently given a face-lift in order to better accommodate the owners and their cat.


This property can be found in the Sanchong District of New Taipei City. It’s been redesigned by a local firm called A’Lentil Design, who titled the project: “Hey! A Lovely Tiny Space”.



At 532.81-square-feet (49.5-square-meters), Hey! isn’t the smallest apartment we’ve seen, but it does fall into the much rarer category of properties that attempt to cater for people and their pets. The renovation process itself was quite substantial, and involved the removal of a few walls in order to open the floor plan up.

Like most apartment units, Hey! has limited access to natural light – only two walls have been dedicated to large window openings. By removing partitions A’Lentil were able to draw this light further into the home, and share it between the different living areas. Where partitions were needed, they replaced them with glass dividers.



Unlike most contemporary apartments, they haven’t opted for a plain white palette. Instead, the interior is garnished with pastel colors, which introduce an element of fun without darkening the rooms. They also took advantage of the apartments headroom – the ceilings were high enough to permit the construction of an “attic” space, suitable for storing less used items.

The apartments entrance leads through a short hallway to the main living space. An open plan L-shaped layout is taken up by a galley kitchen (complete with a breakfast bar), and a living room. The opposite end of the home is dedicated to the master bedroom and a study. Storage closets and cupboards are littered throughout the home.


A’Lentil took into account the changing needs of the owners over time: “…[we] built an attic as a bedroom. It could be a storage room, or second bedroom, or even a small world for cat or children in the future. [We] not only arranged the space according to couple’s living habits, but also promoted space efficiency.”

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Photos © A’Lentil Design

Niall Burke

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