The Hackney Shed – A Simple Garden Studio by Office Sian

The Hackney Shed can be found in a domestic backyard in Hackney, London. The shed was designed by London-based architecture studio, Office Sian, who were responsible for managing projects budget, schedule and quality. The overall aim was to create a garden workspace and studio that would serve as a “functional and warm urban haven”.


The Hackney Shed - Office Sian - Humble Homes

The shed is accessed by set of retractable floor-to-ceiling oak framed doors that maximise light intake and provide a clear view of the garden. The interior features a small library, where books are stored between the studwork. Embedding storage space in this way allows the designers to capitalise on the total usable floor area. Towards the back of the shed there’s a “hidden” roof light, that frames a view of the sky above.


The Hackney Shed - Office Sian - Humble Homes

The selection of sheet material and rough-sawn timber was in keeping with the sustainable ethos of the build – the clients and designers want to create the studio with materials that were renewable and contained a low embodied energy. All the wood was purchased from local timber merchants who were committed to sourcing wood from sustainably managed forests.


The Hackney Shed - Office Sian - Humble Homes

To further minimise their carbon footprint, the design of the Hackney Shed was based around the modular size of the timber panels, reducing the amount of cutting, waste and money. According to Dezeen the shed is also highly insulated, reducing the cost for heating the structure over the course of its lifetime.

The Hackney Shed - Office Sian - Humble Homes

Prior to the construction of the Hackney Shed, the garden was occupied by “dilapidated asbestos-ridden and spider-filled hut”. No doubt this cosy, comfortable space is a welcome change.

The Hackney Shed - Office Sian - Humble Homes

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