Etno Hut is a Tiny Cabin on the Edge of a Forest in Lithuania by Utopium

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This tiny cabin can be found on the edge of a woodland in Lithuania. Titled Etno Hut, the property serves as a tiny retreat for a multitude of uses, from a relaxing retreat to a yoga camp.



It’s been designed by the Lithuania architecture firm Utopium, and is based in Pakalniškės. The project has been described as a personal endeavor into architecture.



Utopium sought to create a tiny abode, making it as small as possible without compromising its ability to meet the needs of two occupants (and possibly a dog). The unit occupies a space measuring just 150.69-square-feet (14-square-meters).


Etno Hut was completed in 2018. It’s sited between two major cities and is close enough to reach in half a days travel, which makes it far enough to forget about the day-to-day of city life.


The property backs onto a dense forest, and overlooks countryside to the front. The picturesque views are are framed by a series of windows, the largest being the patio doors.

The most important achievement – there is no transformable furniture, no ladder stairs, nothing that makes tiny houses complicated and uncomfortable to use.


From the outside, the size of shape of the retreat do make it resemble a hut. It’s black exterior gives way to a light bright interior, which has been finished in a kind of country-chic style.

White painted wood paneling covers the walls, while a bed makes up the living and sleeping area. A galley kitchen flanks one wall and provides more than adequate facilities for anyone staying a few days.


A bathroom is found to the front of the sleeping area. There’s just enough space for two chairs, which grace a wood-burning stove. No tiny abode would be complete without an outdoor space; Etno Hut has a relatively large balcony to the front that overlooks the landscape.


Photos © Leonas Garbacauskas

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