Childhood Dreams Just Don’t Disappear – Eilas Treehouse

Laurel Pankratz is a professional photographer who, like most of us, dreamed of having her own treehouse when she was a child. Unfortunately she never did get that dream treehouse, but when her husband promised to build their children one she made sure he kept his word.


Eilas Treehouse

Laurel’s husband didn’t just build your standard treehouse, he created one of the most awesome, modern-looking treehouses around. With its clean finish, and beautiful timber cladding, the treehouse is a treat for the eyes and makes the inner child yearn.


Eilas Treehouse

The structure is built around an existing tree and contains several large openings, windows and doors, creating a bright space during the day for the children to play in. The interior is also kitted out with electric lights, and to top it all off it has a balcony. I have a sneaking suspicion that this treehouse wasn’t built just for the kids.


Eilas Treehouse

For the adults, Eilas treehouse is an amazing little retreat that’s perfect for some quiet time, or relaxing with friends, but perhaps it’s the children who make the most out of this cosy space, re-enacting the adventures of Peter Pan.

If you’d like to see more treehouses then check out the Fern Forest Treehouse – a quiet getaway in Green Mountain National Forest. Or, this beautifully crafted treehouse at Wandawega Campsite, perfect for a weekend of glamping.

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