Ark Shelter – A Tiny Modular Home To Reconnect with Nature

This tiny home has been developed as a luxurious off-grid retreat. The unit has been titled “Ark Shelter” and was designed by a group of architecture students with a flair for entrepreneurship.


Ark Shelter’s size allows it to be transported with ease by a truck to almost any location. Prefabrication keeps the build process to a tight schedule, with construction occurring under factory conditions.

Ark Shelter - Student Designed Tiny House - Exterior - Humble Homes


The aim of the team behind the project was to reintroduce people to a “back to basics” setup, immersing them in nature. Its size – like most tiny houses – lends itself to an outward-looking home, focusing on its surroundings to improve the sense of space.

Ark Shelter - Student Designed Tiny House - Living Area - Humble Homes


The exterior is clad in a mix of dark and light timber. It’s simple cuboid shape allows for ease of construction, transportation and maximizing functional space on the inside. From the designers: “[The Ark House is] a cocoon without TV, a silent place to appreciate nature we lost touch with and a cozy house to find yourself”

Ark Shelter - Student Designed Tiny House - Bedroom - Humble Homes

The interior is finished in pine, from the floors, walls and ceiling to the actual furniture pieces. The large gable-end window and side bay patio doors help to take advantage of natural light, while also maintaining a connection with the outside environment.

Ark Shelter - Student Designed Tiny House - Kitchen and Dining Room - Humble Homes

One end of the Ark Shelter is dedicated to the “bedroom”. The opposite end is taken up by the bathroom and kitchen. Separating the two sections is a small dining area that’s placed in front of a wood-burning stove.

Ark Shelter - Student Designed Tiny House - Kitchen - Humble Homes

According to the designers the structure is modular, allowing it to be expanded and customized as needed. Each Ark Shelter comes equipped with wind turbines and a rain water collection system. Unfortunately there’s no mention of cost on the website – you have to contact the team directly. I’m assuming the price will be based on the amount of interest they garner.

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  1. the packing crate notion is the designers, few if any, are living in these spaces themselves. I ponder the value of these tiny spaces for established home owners. For the very young who have little art work or other objects, few kitchen utensils, few clothing items and who never have guests for a meal that is cooked at home,,,,,, a tiny space may be permanent housing. I would have to part with a dining table with 6 leaves that can seat up to 14 easily. I still enjoy entertaining people for dinner although the dinners are no longer formal at all. My husband and I and our herd do live in about 850 sp ft comfortably. We have both given away many many fine pieces of furniture and other objects.

  2. Your comment is all about material goods. The people who are attracted to idea like this tiny house want to stop collecting material objects, no matter how fine they are, in favour of simple living.

  3. Ideaology demonstrated in beautifully crafted tiny homes. Do you make any under 500 sq ft? NSW AUSTRALIA. Cheers