A Workspace Perched on a Rooftop for an Architecture Student

Perched on a rooftop in Chile, this timber structure serves as a workspace for a lucky architecture student. The project, dubbed Workshop in the City, was undertaken by Romero Silva Arquitectos and completed within a month.


Workshop in the City - Romero Silva Arquitectos - Chile - Exterior - Humble Homes

The unit is set on the rooftop of a service bedroom in Las Condes, Santiago. The workshop contains a space measuring 124 square feet (11.5 square meters) and is dedicated to creating an environment that promotes creativity.


Workshop in the City - Romero Silva Arquitectos - Chile - Interior - Humble Homes

From the outside, the main building materials are clearly visible. It’s a simple timber structure sheathed with plywood. There’s no mention of the designers finishing the exterior with cladding – perhaps the area in which it’s placed doesn’t get much in the way of rain, either that or it’s only temporary.


Workshop in the City - Romero Silva Arquitectos - Chile - Interior Front - Humble Homes

The inside consist of a single-room studio. It’s a light, bright space thanks to the floor to ceiling windows and artificial lighting. The walls have been completely covered with a whiteboard material, allowing the user to sketch out ideas and designs on almost any surface.

Workshop in the City - Romero Silva Arquitectos - Chile - At Work - Humble Homes

A chunky wooden desk runs the length of the room and can easily accommodate up to two people. From the architects: “For this project, design decisions were restricted by the need to develop a blackboard interior, or a surface that could be etched on completely and would be made of formica slate, including the walls and furniture doors.”


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Via ArchDaily
Photos: Bruno Giliberto

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