A Tiny House On Wheels In Ireland

While searching for tiny/small houses in Ireland, I finally came across a tiny house on wheels! Noel Higgins from Kilkenny built this tiny house called, Teach Nollaig. Noel built his tiny house (and trailer) from scratch and incorporated a variety of reclaimed and salvaged materials, as well as local wood, eco-wool and raw sheep’s wool, making this a tiny house with a very low carbon footprint.


This tiny house has some ingenious ideas incorporated into it – my favourite being the flue of the stove being used to heat the water.

You can see more of Noel’s tiny house on his facebook page: Teach Nollaig


TIny House on Wheels in Ireland

TIny House on Wheels in Ireland


TIny House on Wheels in Ireland

TIny House on Wheels in Ireland

TIny House on Wheels in Ireland

TIny House on Wheels in Ireland

TIny House on Wheels in Ireland

TIny House on Wheels in Ireland

TIny House on Wheels in Ireland

TIny House on Wheels in Ireland

TIny House on Wheels in Ireland

Niall Burke

Structural engineer by day, tiny house designer by night. Niall has a keen interest in small spaces, green design, and sustainability. He started developing Humble Homes while studying for his masters degree in engineering. He is the founder and managing editor of Humble Homes.

  1. I love your house! The pipes wrapped around the stove flue – brilliant idea! Is there a pump built in to bring cold water in and hot water out, or how does it work? And did you bend the pipes yourself?

    I also like the idea of having your solar panel movable, to catch the sun… but are you not worried that someone would rob it? Those things are not cheap!

    Looking forward to getting the Newsletter,


  2. My husband and I have started one and never finished. we are totally rethinking the idea of living in permanent homes. we need to be free! thanks for the inspiration!

  3. Hi
    Loved the house on wheels. I was wondering do you make them to sell and if so how much.

  4. Hi Martin – We don’t currently build tiny houses but sell the construction plans for them. This article is about Noel Higgins from Kilkenny who built his own, rather eclectic, tiny house.

  5. hi i am thinking of building a tiny home on trailer. do you sell the construction plans and if so, how do i obtain a copy if you could let me know,

    kind regards,
    elaine doyle

  6. hi what about planning permmisions or any permission u might need for this house trailers very interested ty

  7. Hi Naill,
    Planning to leave the rat race as well, I’m a fan of tiny houses for years. Now’s the time. Do you know if tiny, humble, houses are in Ireland? What about planning/building regulations? Now I see some of the most beautiful houses (like the canoe escape!) but I prefer an isolated place. The plans are often to connect the houses. I dream of living completely Off grid. A compost, or dry toilet. Own water system by well and natural cleaning system, electricity from solar panel and small (Liam) windmill and self sufficient farming. Do you know if there are existing plans for a humble house like that?
    Keep up the good work! Love it!

  8. I am thinking about building my self a tiny home , I need to know more about where I can park it I think I could park on a caravan park to start, as for taking is on the road , I think the trailer regulations would be a starting point I am in the north but the regs are european so we can build around 2500 mm wide and I tnink 3500 mm plus the drawbar , the if its not a trailer a lot of things dont applie , no actual laws for caravans it more a code of conduct sort of thing , you would need to do all gas by regulations , so what is a tiny house clasified by in europe .?.

  9. So inspiring and what I have wanted to live in for a decade.

    This has given me the desire to achieve my dream.

    Any ideas of the cost of such homes?

    A great website.



  10. hi im about to finish my final year in college and i find myself looking for accomdation closer to the place i work but paying rent is just impossible these days in dublin and was wondering what issues there are with a tiny house on the planning permission side as its not a perment structure?
    love the concept of being off grid and what Noel has done with his tiny house.

  11. Great Idea love the small home been there myself time or two. Might suggest building a better firecode
    wall behind the woodstove.

  12. I’m in the process of building a tiny home. Where did you find your hot water tank? It’s perfect and I’d like one just like it for our hot water needs. Thanks!

  13. Hi there I am making a programme about finding a home and would love to chat to someone who has left the rat race and living in a tiny home in Ireland

  14. Hi beautiful house would love to do something like that. Any tips on how to get started.