510 Cabin – A Modern Family Getaway by Hunter Leggitt Studio

This modern cabin can be found in the high desert of Wofford Heights in California. It’s been designed by Hunter Leggitt Studio on the behalf of a busy Santa Monica-based family. Dubbed the 510 Cabin, it contains a total of 1,100 square foot of usable floor space.


510 Cabin - Small House - Hunter Leggitt Studio - California - Exterior - Humble Homes

The clients, Jonathan and Victoria Watts, briefed HLS of their needs, which were primarily composed of being able to sleep 5 people (themselves are their three children), and host up to 10 guests. The cabin was completed back in 2012 with a limited budget that required the architects to be a little more resourceful than usual.


510 Cabin - Small House - Hunter Leggitt Studio - California - Living Area - Humble Homes

After being inspired by the work of Samuel Mockbee, HSL were keen to create a design/build and educational experience. They opened up the project to student apprentices, and after posting a simple flyer on architectural job boards, they received hundreds of applicants, of which seven were chosen.


510 Cabin - Small House - Hunter Leggitt Studio - California - Staircase - Humble Homes

The students then joined HSL in the desert for the duration of the build. Together they were responsible for conducting 70% of the building trades. The approach allowed them to produce a unique, entirely custom home at a fraction of the typical cost associated with such projects.

510 Cabin - Small House - Hunter Leggitt Studio - California - Bedroom - Humble Homes

Both the outside and inside of the cabin make great use of wood, with the exterior being clad almost entirely with it. The house features the bedrooms on the first floor – a master bedroom, and a large room with two singles and a double bed – that are separated by the main bathroom.

510 Cabin - Small House - Hunter Leggitt Studio - California - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

The second floor contains an open plan kitchen, dining and living area. There’s also an upstairs toilet and a generous exterior deck. It’s a simple but effective floor plan that allows the cabin to maintain a sense of space for its five residents.

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  1. Incredible. I’m curious what the cost of such a project is as I saw it had a limited budget. It’s beautiful.

    1. Me too, I tried to find some hint of the actual figure involved, but unfortunately all I could find was reference to a “limited budget”, which is a fairly loose term.

  2. I think you are incredible with your vision turned reality! I myself have been working on designing a home for my kids and I for nearly six months and I am no closer than when I started. We need to downsize by necessity. There is a issue with my kids other parent/ domestic violence. I have a career that allows mobility on my end, but with 4 kids under10 (10/9/2/1) I am so lost I think SNL will do a skit about us or something. Might you recommend a site where I might find a “Tiny House” design that utilizes two top lofts, with a bedroom bellow each, middle is open concept room with all other places (kitchen/family etc…) It sounds very basicbut I am LOST. I have two thumbs.
    Or? Is there a class on design? I can take?

  3. I would like to build a Mies style glass house in the woods of New Hampshire. I’m on a limited budget and plan to create my unique vacation retreat. This home will be located on a very wooded lot in Eastman. Any volunteers?

  4. I recently bought a small piece of land in Boston. I have a limited budget and would like something like this. Students design, green, small and beautiful. After being inspired by this work I want to create a design/build and educational experience. How/where do I begin?