5 Big Benefits of Tiny Living

With so many people choosing tiny living over traditional living arrangements, the trend continues to grow steadily. Tiny houses have swept the nation as small communities are popping up all over the place. Zoning codes and construction laws are being altered to accommodate the lifestyle, making it more accessible than ever. For those who are thinking about becoming a member of this one of a kind community, here are the biggest benefits of tiny living.


1. It’s Affordable

Unlike most homes that require a large downpayment, an excellent credit score, and proof of your income for the last decade just to get a mortgage, a tiny house is much simpler. Most people simply save up their money as they build and never need a mortgage or loan. Since a tiny house can be built from salvaged or repurposed materials, it’s far more affordable than most homes on the market today. Even for those who aren’t very handy, a pre-cut tiny house kit that pretty much anyone can put together costs an average of $6,000.

2. Allows You To Travel

One of the greatest benefits of tiny living is the option to build your house on a trailer. By then attaching it to a truck, you can tow your home all over the country. Your tiny house on wheels will allow you to travel anywhere you please without leaving the comfort of your own home. Considered recreational vehicles, you can usually park anywhere an RV can, such as on camping grounds or at state parks.


3. Homes Are Eco-Friendly

tiny house solar panels

For some tiny house owners, the biggest draw of this lifestyle is the fact that it’s incredibly eco-friendly. Living off the grid, for the most part, forces you to use alternate methods for your power, heat, and plumbing. One of the most common choices people make is to install tiny house solar energy panels, which helps to significantly reduce your carbon footprint. Here are a few other ways in which tiny houses are eco-friendly:


  • The use of recycled materials during building
  • Less waste during construction
  • Using solar or wind turbine power reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Less fuel usage
  • Compost toilets reduce water waste
4. Gain Back Your Time

When you’re occupying such a small space, clutter can build up pretty quickly. Fortunately, you don’t have a large area that you need to clean up. Rather than spend your weekends vacuuming and dusting for hours, you can have your tiny house spotless in under an hour. You also won’t need to spend as much time organizing or trying to find things, ultimately freeing up a ton of your time. Suddenly you’ll find that you have time to relax, read a book, or catch up on your shows.

5. Work Less

Once your home is built and paid off, you’ll find that your cost of living is incredibly low. Your utilities will be close to nothing, especially if you use solar panels to produce your electricity. Without a lot of bills, you won’t have to work as much. Depending on your situation, you might not have to work at all. Instead, you’ll be able to use that time to work on projects that are more important to you. This can be anything from writing a book to starting a community garden. Not to mention the fact that you’ll have more time to spend with family.


If any of these benefits are appealing to you, then you just might be ready to start planning to build your own tiny house. The price is certainly right, and with the housing market the way it is, it might be the only option you have if you want to become a homeowner. Skip the traditional living styles and see how tiny living can benefit you firsthand!

This post was created in conjunction with Tiny House Society, an online resource for all things related to tiny houses and tiny living.
Rose Burke

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  1. This is a good article. I plan on using it for initial talks with our cities planning department to inform them about ‘tiny homes’. Our city is lacking any long-term rentals or affordable housing. This may begin to show them alternatives and using those ‘vacant’ downtown lots.

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