Zoku Loft – A Stylish Micro-Apartment with a Pull-Out Staircase

Called the Zoku Loft, this micro-apartment in Amsterdam is catered towards the nomadic professional and has been designed by local design studio, Concrete. The word Zoku is a Japanese word and translates as family, tribe or clan, and is meant to represent the variety of clientèle that the Zoku Loft can accommodate.


Zoku Loft - Concrete - Amsterdamn - Main Living Area - Humble Homes

The interior is crisp, clean, and contemporary. It features a number of furniture items from local companies, such as the “Rest” sofa, and “Fibre” chairs from Muuto, which, according to the architects, have been adopted and customized specifically for the apartment.


Zoku Loft - Concrete - Amsterdamn - Staircase Pulled Out - Humble Homes

The apartment is split up into two main spaces: the more private, screened bedroom and bathroom to the rear, and the open plan kitchen, dining and living room to the front. The large windows and tall ceilings help to keep the space bright and airy.


Zoku Loft - Concrete - Amsterdamn - Kitchen and Dining Area - Humble Homes

The kitchen is a simple and small affair with a two-burner cooktop, microwave, sink, under-counter refrigerator, a kettle and a coffee maker. On the opposite side of the apartment you’ll find built in storage and the home’s entertainment center; a TV.

Zoku Loft - Concrete - Amsterdamn - Living Room - Humble Homes

The storage area also features an inventive staircase – with a handrail – that can be pulled out so as to access the sleeping loft. When not in use it’s simply pushed flush against the cabinets to free up the living area. The loft contains a king-size bed, and is partitioned off with wooden screens that help to prevent too much light from entering.

Zoku Loft - Concrete - Amsterdamn - Bedroom - Humble Homes

Interestingly, the Zoku Loft has a set of exercise rings fastened to the ceiling, ensuring you’ll still your acrobatic workout session for the duration of your stay. According to the architects, 133 of these apartments will be opening in the center of Amsterdam in 2015.

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Photos: Ewout Huibers

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  1. I love this design and would love to see the pull-out stair concept extended to the kitchen, with pull-out induction burners in a drawer and additional pull-out counter space. I’ve also become fond of refrigerator drawers and freezer drawers — they take up less space than a conventional refrigerator, but are easier to access than a mini-fridge. Would love to see the bathroom facilities.