Writing Pavilion – A Tiny Quiet Garden Retreat in Brooklyn, NY

Designed by Architensions, and built for a creative couple living in Brooklyn, NY, this small garden studio serves as a quiet, contemplative retreat from their main home. The project, simply titled “Writing Pavilion” is proof that you don’t always need a cabin in the woods to get away from day-to-day life.


Writing Pavilion - Architensions - Brooklyn - Exterior - Humble Homes

Over the course of the last few years, garden houses and studios have become increasingly popular due to the instability of the housing market. They’re viewed as an affordable alternative that allows you to expand on your existing living spaces, with less risk compared to moving home.


Writing Pavilion - Architensions - Brooklyn - Entrance Door - Humble Homes

This tiny little studio serves as a creative space for its owners. It features a wood clad exterior of black stained cedar, and a much lighter and bright interior, finished with natural pine plywood. It’s unusual shape has been informed by the architect’s desire to frame certain views and to introduce plenty of natural light.


Writing Pavilion - Architensions - Brooklyn - Writing Desk - Humble Homes

The roof acts as partly as a sloping light well, pointing towards the neighboring trees and sky beyond. The window placed above the writing desk frames a view of the tree trunk. The remaining window in the patio door provides plenty of light for the desk area. It also allows you to see if any one is using the studio from the house.

Writing Pavilion - Architensions - Brooklyn - Roof Window - Humble Homes

The space is furnished in a minimal fashion – there’s a chair with a folding writing table. The rest of the space has been left for the owners to finish as they see fit. A small overhead light fixture has been included for the desk.

Writing Pavilion - Architensions - Brooklyn - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

Resting on a concrete plinth, Writing Pavilion includes a small exterior deck area, allowing it to be used as a relaxing spot for sitting with friends and family. There’s also a small storage shed attached to one end of the unit for any odds and ends.

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Photos: Cameron Blaylock

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  1. I appreciate the shape/space and understand that it was informed by the views/light etc. It appears that the original foundation was for a rectangular structure? Seems like the water will migrate under the walls unless there is some flashing detail that isn’t evident.

  2. It’s cool that you got a space in the back to build something. Why not just buy a shed from homedepot? This thing is useless.