Workbed is Perfect for Small Spaces & Workaholics

Designed by Ines Kaag and Desiree Heiss of BLESS, “Workbed” is a multifunctional desk that can be flipped over to reveal a bed, making it perfect for those that can’t seem to drag themselves away from their work. Or it could be used as a guest bed in a small house that doesn’t have space for a dedicated bedroom.


Workbed Freunde von Freunden Mira Schroeder-Bless-0141-930x620

Workbed is one of many furniture pieces aimed at transforming the traditional desk into a sleeping space (perhaps most notably, the wall bed or Murphy bed). Unlike its contemporaries, the Workbed rotates – as opposed to a fold-down action – around its side supports, revealing the single bed found on the underside. According to Dornob the bed flips of its own accord at the push of a button, perfect for those struggling to keep their eyes open after a long stint in the “office”.


Workbed Freunde von Freunden Mira Schroeder-Bless-0141-930x620

Its chunky appearance gives the Workbed a sense of solidity and quality. The side supports double as storage for your “bits and bobs”, while also containing the mechanism for rotating the bed/desk.


Workbed Freunde von Freunden Mira Schroeder-Bless-0141-930x620

The piece is currently featured in Mira Schroder’s own apartment in Berlin, which acts as a showroom for a shop called BLESS HOME. People are able to pay a visit to Schroder’s apartment at a specific time, have a nosy around and purchase any of the curiosities they taking a liking to. It’s an unusual approach, but certainly interesting.

Workbed Freunde von Freunden Mira Schroeder-Bless-0141-930x620

One thing I can’t help but wonder is would you be able to get a good night’s sleep spent when it’s spent in your workspace? I suppose it depends upon the person, but I still think the Workbed and its equivalents are a good option for small and tiny houses in need of an extra sleeping space.

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Via Dornob & FreundeVonFreunden
Photos: Marlen Mueller

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