Woody15 – A Tiny Cross-Laminated Timber Cabin

Called Woody15, this tiny cabin has been designed by Norwegian architect Marianne Borge. The cabin is set in Isdammen, Norway, and features picturesque views of a small lake and surrounding forest.


Woody15 / Marianne Borge

Woody15 is a 17.5 square meter structure (188 square feet). It contains a single room with some lofted storage space. If you’re looking for luxury, you’ll not find it here; the cabin has a very basic set up, and has no bathroom, or kitchen, or electricity.


Woody15 - Marianne Borge - Norway - Exterior 2 - Humble Homes

It does, however, have a small wood-burning stove that keeps the place warm throughout the harsh Norwegian winter. Wood15 is designed to be used as a stand-alone structure, or as part of a larger dwelling, where it could act as an annexe to the main living spaces.


Woody15 - Marianne Borge - Norway - Exterior 4 - Humble Homes

The cabin is composed of 29 cross-laminated timber (CLT) elements, which allow for easy construction and dismantling. The cross-laminated elements were produced by the company Massiv Lust, and have a maximum width of 1.2 meters (3.9 feet), allowing for ease of transportation.

Woody15 - Marianne Borge - Norway - Exterior 3 - Humble Homes

The building itself sits rather quietly in its surroundings. Its size helps to prevent its modern form from overshadowing the landscape, and the large glass windows help to soak up natural daylight, while also providing amazing views.

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Photos: Jonas Adolfsen

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