Woodhouse Hotel is an Idyllic Getaway Among Hills of China’s Countryside

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This development in Guizhou, China, saw a hotel planted among the rural and argicultural landscape of the region. The project, dubbed Woodhouse Hotel, was completed in late 2018.



A local firm by the name of ZJJZ were responsible for the design and construction of the dwellings. While described as a hotel, it’s not one in the traditional sense.


Located in the remote village of Tuanjie, the Woodhouse Hotel is one of the first projects of a new government policy to help ameliorate rural poverty through the introduction of agricultural tourism. – ZJJZ


The “hotel” is actually composed of a scattering of individual buildings. The majority of the serve as cabins for visitors, while the a few others are dedicated to communal areas and facilities.


The design of the wood houses aims to harmonize with the landscape and the rustic atmosphere while forming a contrast to the existing village buildings. – ZJJZ


The scale of the hotel has been kept quite small – Woodhouse Hotel encompasses just 5,382-square-feet (500-square-meters). Each individual building looks to be no more than 400-square-feet (37.16-square-feet).


Each unit contains a bedroom (along with a sitting area), a decent-sized bathroom, storage closets, a work desk, and an exterior deck. There are a total of 10 such dwellings on the land, with three different layouts available.


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