The Wedge – A Modern Rendition of the Classic Cabin

From the creative minds of students studying at California State Polytechnique University, comes this small prefabricated cabin called the Wedge. The prefab retreat is designed to serve as an update to the traditional cabin, with a minimal footprint, and an attempt to maximize on function.


The Wedge - Small Cabin - California State PolyTechnique University - Exterior - Humble Homes

The Wedge’s small size, and the fact that it can be prefabricated, help to make it affordable as well as reducing its environmental impact. The steep mono-pitch roof allowed the designers to take advantage of the vertical space on the interior, while on the exterior it provides a steep enough slope for snow and rain to run off.


The Wedge - Small Cabin - California State PolyTechnique University - Interior - Humble Homes

The structure is clad with Western Red Cedar, a natural durable wood species. The inside of the Wedge features exposed framing, however the ceiling has been sheathed with ACX plywood (most likely to seal off insulation). The overall effect is that of a back to basics country cabin with the wood creating a rustic, warm atmosphere.


The Wedge - Small Cabin - California State PolyTechnique University - Rear - Humble Homes

As can be seen from the pictures, there are no electrical or water services – the cabin is completely off-grid. The internal floor space is mostly allocated to sleeping bunks, and a few items of furniture like seating and cabinets. There are also some hooks dispersed throughout to provide people with a space for hanging items of clothing.

The Wedge - Small Cabin - California State PolyTechnique University - Bunks - Humble Homes

The Wedge features windows both low and high. Offsetting the windows from one another helps to promote natural ventilation throughout the summer months. The design has sparked the interest of both California State Parks and Cavco Industries, who wish to develop a prototype that could be used throughout their parks.

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