viVood – A Prefab Tiny House Powered By Solar Panels

viVood is a prefabricated timber dwelling that has been designed by a group of Spanish architects and engineers. The lead designer, Daniel Mayo Pardo, wanted to create a tiny house that was both energy efficient, modular and cost effective.


viVood - Prefab House by Daniel Mayo Pardo - Spain - Tiny House - Exterior - Humble Homes

The viVood unit comes with its own array of solar panels, taking advantage of Spain’s climate and strong sunlight. The modular design allows the house to be repeated and replicated to accommodate larger families, and functions. Its prefab modular construction also enables the house to be modified for use in different environments.


viVood - Prefab House by Daniel Mayo Pardo - Spain - Tiny House - Living Room - Humble Homes

The house has been manufactured in Spain, making use of local materials and involving local professionals in the construction process. According to viVood, its advanced design will allow for easy mass production, which will also lead to a reduction in the total cost of each unit.


viVood - Prefab House by Daniel Mayo Pardo - Spain - Tiny House - Bedroom - Humble Homes

To create an eco-friendly home, viVood includes several passive and active design strategies. The roof supports solar panels for the owner’s electrical needs. Window openings can be found along the back wall, providing natural daylighting and ventilation. There’s also a dry toilet, and a system that’s used for storing water – not a bad idea in a country that often undergoes seasonal drought.

viVood - Prefab House by Daniel Mayo Pardo - Spain - Tiny House - Bathroom & Bedroom - Humble Homes

The interior of the tiny house is clad with pine wood panels. The open plan living space contains four areas – the bedroom, living room, a dining space and a bathroom. The version shown here doesn’t seem to contain a kitchen. The back wall is dedicated almost entirely to providing storage. Due to its modular design, viVood can come in a range of sizes, from 130 to 345 square feet.

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  1. Modular construction has come of age .Good use of pre-wired and pre- plumbed units .
    Clever use of hinged support structure.

    Much to like here , thanks for sharing this Niall.

  2. The article says that the modular house was built in Spain, but the video is in Guadalajara, Mexico.
    Which is it???

    1. I double checked the website. The company itself is definitely based in Valencia, Spain (or at least it is according to their contact information).

  3. Very interesting. I’d like to see this concept in SIP walls for superior insulation and about 800 sq ft.. The average Joe could then build their own home and meet most local building codes.