VIMOB – A 35 Square Meter Prefab House from Columbia

Called VIMOB, this modular housing solution is intended for use in hard-to-reach areas. It’s been designed by the Colombian architecture firm Colectivo Creativo Arquitectos, and makes use of prefabrication to reduce (and in some cases eliminate) construction on-site.


VIMOB - Colectivo Creativo Arquitectos - Columbia - Exterior - Humble Homes

The unit is set in the region of Palmira, Valle del Cauca. It contains a total square footage of 398 square feet (37 square meters), and features all the utilities and mod-cons you’d expect to find in a modern home. The architects initially focused on the modularity of the structure and how it could be extended to meet the needs of prospective owners.


VIMOB - Colectivo Creativo Arquitectos - Columbia - Living Room - Humble Homes

The result of their work is a simple but flexible dwelling that can be transported in sections by truck and assembled on-site with ease. The prefabrication process takes place in a factory and helps to reduce the overall turnaround time for each project.


VIMOB - Colectivo Creativo Arquitectos - Columbia - Kitchen - Humble Homes

VIMOB makes great use of wood – you’ll find it on the outside being used as cladding, and also on the inside as a finish material. The interior contains three types of “wood” finish: a wood laminate floor, OSB on the walls, and a pine ceiling.

VIMOB - Colectivo Creativo Arquitectos - Columbia - Dining - Humble Homes

Too much wood has the effect of darkening living spaces. To combat that they’ve installed a series of large patio doors and windows throughout. The patio doors of the living room open up to a set of small patio decks, further expanding the footprint.

VIMOB - Colectivo Creativo Arquitectos - Columbia - Floor Plan - Humble Homes

All told each VIMOB unit features an open plan kitchen, dining and living room, a bathroom (with a shower, sink and toilet), and two decent-sized bedrooms. Its modular construction also allows the entire structure to be dismantled and shipped to a new destination.

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Photos: Mauricio Carvajal, Felipe Orvi

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  1. Sometimes I think architects live in an alternative universe and never in houses they, themselves, design. Nothing shrieks ‘unfinished’ than untreated OSD, as in this example. Even a coat of paint will avoid that effect.
    Otherwise an interesting design of the shipping container school of architecture.

  2. Furniture grade plywood instead of the OSB would a huge upgrade. And I would probably do a light colored finishing treatment to it, something like a pickled finish. Something to break up the overwhelming amount of WOOD on display.