Vila Hermina Replaces the Staircase with Ramps

This bright pink building may fool you into thinking it’s a bit of a ditz, but it actually contains a number of smart design features. Called the Vila Hermina, the house can be found in the Czech Republic, and was created by HSH Architekti.


Vila Hermina - HSH Architekti - Czech Republic - Tiny House - Exterior - Humble Homes

Despite its diminutive appearance, the house contains three floors which are all connected by a continuous ramp. The plays double duty in this house, where it serves as a means of going from one floor to the next, and also as a series of living spaces.


Vila Hermina - HSH Architekti - Czech Republic - Tiny House - Bedroom - Humble Homes

The house is located not far from Černín, and sticks out like a sore thumb when compared to the much more traditional buildings from the area. The houses rough exterior finish is a sharp contrast to the interior, which features a minimalist vibe finished with steel and concrete.


Vila Hermina - HSH Architekti - Czech Republic - Tiny House - Kitchen - Humble Homes

The clients asked that HSH Architekti incorporate a home movie theatre into the small space. The architects were able to solve this problem by aligning the floors with the slope of the hill, allowing them to create a relatively large wall area that they could project onto.

Vila Hermina - HSH Architekti - Czech Republic - Tiny House - Dining - Humble Homes

The bottom floor contains a wall lined with a bunkbed, built-in storage cabinets and the homes bathroom. At this level the ramp features a built-in cabinet that serves as the living and entertainment hub. When desired the cabinet can be opened and a movie projected onto the opposite wall. The ramp serves as tiered seating, allowing everyone to watch with ease.

Vila Hermina - HSH Architekti - Czech Republic - Tiny House - Bunkbeds - Humble Homes

The living room ramp leads up to the kitchen and dining area. The homes main entryway can also be found at this level. A second ramp (that features yet more lounging space) takes you up to the final level of the home, the master bedroom and its en-suite.

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Photos: Ester Havlova

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