Video Of Our Latest Tiny House Design

Check out the preview video of our latest tiny house design. It’s got some nifty features like a bed that rolls under the kitchen when it’s not used. The design was produced to address the issues surrounding tiny kitchens in tiny houses.


In this house I’ve made the kitchen almost the half size of the tiny house, creating enough space for a large sink, 5′ tall refrigerator, and a stove – there’s even enough space for a washer/dryer if you’re willing to do with a little less kitchen cabinet storage (of which there is lots of).

The eating area in a tiny home is usually not defined, but more of a eat-wherever-the-heck-you-want! In this design there is a definite dining area in the form of a breakfast bar (for two), and it also acts as a divider between the kitchen and living area below.


In the living area your seating is also your storage – if you lift the cushions from the couch you’ll find you’re sitting on two large storage boxs, nice. There’s also a large shelving unit which also acts as a wall between the living room and bathroom (accessible though a sliding door which doubles as a thin closet). Additional storage is catered for by utilising the stairs section of the home; they can be pulled out revealing several storage cabinets for all your clothing, books…pokemon cards… whatever!

When the sun has gone to sleep, and you’ve decided it’s time for you to go to bed as well, all you have to do is pull out the sofa and wah-lah, your living room has been converted into a bedroom with a full queen-size bed.


The bathroom is 3 foot wide (and if you follow tiny houses, you’ll know that that’s quite large) and features a hydrostatic shower, and toilet.

Well that just about summarises this home. Don’t for to like Humble Homes video on Youtube and subscribe to the channel!

Niall Burke

Structural engineer by day, tiny house designer by night. Niall has a keen interest in small spaces, green design, and sustainability. He started developing Humble Homes while studying for his masters degree in engineering. He is the founder and managing editor of Humble Homes.

  1. I love the idea of the bed under the kitchen! My wife and I are older and have bad backs. The idea of a ladder to go to bed hurts our backs! I’ve been racking my brain to see how I can modify other people’s plans to suit our needs and we are pleased to see that you have done it! How big of a trailer does it need? And is there any way that two comfortable chairs could fit is the living room? And I guess the main question is when do you think the plans will be ready? Thanks for thinking of the people with special needs.
    Derrill and Sharon Dersch

  2. Hey Derrill and Sharon,

    I’m glad you like the plan. I’ve been trying to make tiny houses accessible for more people – based on the feedback I’ve received it seems I’m heading in the right direction!

    The house is designed to fit on a 20′ by 8′ trailer. I think you could do without the current seating/storage arrangement, giving you some more floor space for your chairs. Although it will mean you will need to move the chairs when you want to bring out the bed.

    As for the release date, I’m hoping to have have this design finalised and available on the website by around January!

  3. This design made my brain explode! I had been trying to come up with a T.H.P. (tiny house plan) that didn’t make my husband – who is a large and uncoordinated power lifter – go up a little wooden ladder and squeeze into a triangle loft with me to boot.

    your web sight is awesome and your prices are amazing.

    My only question about this design – could you make it so it is a King size bed that is rolled out. I know I might loose the step storage but – as I said, I have a king sized husband (he he).

    The other thing I love-love about this design, the supper duper kitchen! The “us” activity me and my husband like to do the most is cook.


    1. Hey Jennie,

      I’m glad you like the design! And you’re right, having your super sized husband climb up a little ladder doesn’t sound ideal.

      A king sized bed is usually about 16″ wider than a queen sized bed, and I too think that the only way to fit the bed in (without increasing the width of the home) would be to remove the stair storage space. It should be a fairly minor modification as you’re not changing the structure of the home.

      Hope this helps!

  4. I love this one!! The Nook was my favorite until now, this design is number one for my tiny house that I’m going to start building this spring/summer. When do you think the plans will be available for sale?

    1. Hey Jen! The plans will be released next Friday, the 11th of January and will go on sale for $147.

  5. Hello Niall
    I am extremely impressed with the roll out bed, as your other followers mention climbing a loft ladder is not good in older age! I am in Australia and am planning my Humble Home next year do you know of any such activities/followers in Australia – we need this movement in our oversized house culture here.
    Keep the ideas coming please

  6. Niall–

    Brilliant work. I have a gorgeous lot in central Idaho and have been looking for the perfect home for my perfect setting and I just found it. Do you have anywhere estimates on cost to build knowing well there will be some design and appliance changes. Again; really nice work.


  7. Hey Brian! The estimated cost of this home is in the region of $23,000. Of course you could spend more or less – it’ll vary depending on your location, the desired level of finish of your tiny house, and whether or not you source a good used trailer (this can save quite a lot of cash!).