Vegetable Nursery Made from Bamboo and Recycled Bottles

This vegetable nursery in Vietnam has been designed by 1+1>2 International Architecture Company to help promote green growing and living habits. The architecture firm worked alongside Action for the City to create the nursery that’s made almost entirely from bamboo and plastic bottles.


Vegetable Nursery House - 1+1 2 International Architecture - Vietnam - Humble Homes

The nursery is clad with around 2,000 bottles that help to provide a degree of protection against the wind and rain. It also serves as a funnel, capturing raining water run-off and channelling it down to the plants. And while it primarily functions as a greenhouse, it can also be used by the local farmers and workers as a rest place, or as an educational space for children to learn about their local ecosystem.


Vegetable Nursery House - 1+1 2 International Architecture - Vietnam - Roof Detail - Humble Homes

All of the bottles have been donated by locals of the immediate community. The lightweight structure allows the vegetable nursery to be moved with ease. The project was part of a collaboration between the countries of Vietnam and Ireland, and is designed to support the local citizens. According to the architects it is an “example of researching, [and] applying recycled materials in construction which could be disseminated to other models.”


Vegetable Nursery House - 1+1 2 International Architecture - Vietnam - Plastic Bottles - Humble Homes

The unit has a floor area of 6 square meters (64 square feet) and is 3.6 meters tall (11.8 feet). The nursery was recently on display at the Museum of Women throughout November and December. It has since been moved on to Soc Son organic vegetable farm, where its being put to use as an active green house.

Vegetable Nursery House - 1+1 2 International Architecture - Vietnam - Cross Section - Humble Homes

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Photos: 1+1>2 International Architecture Company

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