Urban Craftsman is an Eclectic Tiny House on Wheels from Crafted Movement

Dubbed the Urban Craftsman, this tiny house on wheels is one of Crafted Movement’s latest models. As per usual, the house has been finished in their eclectic style with an interior that verges on being steampunk.


Crafted Movement is based in the Pacific Northwest, not far from Portland, Oregon. They’ve developed a reputation for producing one-off tiny houses, finished to a luxurious high-end standard.

Urban Craftsman - Handcrafted Movement - Pacific Northwest Oregon - Exterior - Humble Homes


The Urban Craftsman contains a total of 290-square-feet (27-square-meters). At 26-feet in length, it’s pretty big but not as big as some tiny houses as of recent times. It’s a sharp looking home from the outside with its board and batten cladding and seam metal roofing.

Urban Craftsman - Handcrafted Movement - Pacific Northwest Oregon - Kitchen and Living Room - Humble Homes


But it’s the interior of this house that really makes it stand out. The mix of wall finishes range from deep royal blue wall paneling, to rough plaster, and white subway tiles. Dark salvaged timber beams, columns and rafters add to the aged look, and copper, which usually reserved for pipes and wiring, has been used to fashion a loft divider.

Urban Craftsman - Handcrafted Movement - Pacific Northwest Oregon - Kitchen and Staircase - Humble Homes

The interior decor is supplemented by the mix of old and new furnishings and appliances. There’s a wall-mounted flat screen TV in the corner of the living room, with an old worn cabinet set below it. Each of the main living spaces are compact but evenly divided up.

Urban Craftsman - Handcrafted Movement - Pacific Northwest Oregon - Bedroom - Humble Homes

The living room is found to the right of the entrance and the kitchen to the left. Beyond the kitchen and under the loft, there’s a large – by tiny house standards – bathroom. The bathroom even features a bathtub, a rarity among tiny houses. The loft, accessed by a staircase, is lit by no less than two windows and an overhead skylight.

Urban Craftsman - Handcrafted Movement - Pacific Northwest Oregon - Bathroom - Humble Homes

If you’re interested, the Urban Craftsman is currently up for sale. It’ll set you back a $72,000. You can view more details on Tiny House Listings.

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Photos: Handcrafted Movement

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