Travelbox by Stefan Juust – Storage for Portable Living

Called Travelbox and designed by Stefan Juust, this metallic-looking box contains all the items you need to make your home away from home, that little bit more familiar. The box acts as a storage medium for, and forms part of, a series of furniture pieces that can be packed up quickly and easily when travelling to a new destination.


Travelbox - Stefan Juust - Storage for Portable Living - Exterior - Humble Homes

When “unwrapped”, TravelBox contains a bed, table chair, and bike. The main “box” also serves as a storage unit for clothing. From the designer: “In its closed position it is rigid, efficient, and ready to endure the inevitable bumps of international travel. Upon arrival the Travelbox can be unfolded to instantly transform your new abode into a comfortable home.”


Travelbox - Stefan Juust - Storage for Portable Living - Interior - Humble Homes

Travelbox - Stefan Juust - Storage for Portable Living - Bed Storage and Desk - Humble Homes


“Rather than being dependent on continually purchasing new furniture in each of your destinations – an approach that is both expensive and environmentally wasteful – the Travelbox prioritizes quality and provides the opportunity for re-use. Through its long life, the Travelbox picks up the marks of its many resting places and becomes an essential component of the adventurer’s journey.”

Travelbox - Stefan Juust - Storage for Portable Living - In Apartment - Humble Homes

According to ArchDaily, the Travelbox will be made available for purchase by Juust. Although, I’m not really sure it’s something the avid traveller, or backpacker will go for; it’s just too big and bulky for someone that wants to tour. Travelbox is perhaps best suited to those that have to move semi-frequently because of their job.

Travelbox - Stefan Juust - Storage for Portable Living - Concept - Humble Homes

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Photos: Stefan Juust

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  1. This is so cool! I love smart people. The base it build a home around plus transportation.

  2. Tidy concept but how much does that box weigh when it’s filled up? Solves the needs of someone who is moving from loft space to loft space perhaps (and large ones at that).

  3. I do not see any sign of wheels (removable) to make transporting easy for this box. It is bulky enough for two people to move. It is versatile enough to have more boxes to set up simple living in an empty apartment or dorm room—one box for sleeping and one box for living/dining as shown in the photos. A third box could house other personal items. For use outdoors one would need a yurt or tent to protect from the elements and bugs.