Top Posts of 2013 – From Gypsy Caravans to Tiny Houses to Public Bathrooms

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As we approach the New Year I thought I’d take a look back at 2013 and revisit our most popular posts. I’d also like to wish everyone that has visited and supported Humble Homes a very Happy New Year!

  1. Mobile Homes: A Transforming Shipping Container House by Port-A-Bach Architects
  2. Rollottes’ European Style Gypsy Caravans by Kees Hoekstra
  3. Micro-Housing for Students by Tengbom Architects
  4. Hermit Houses: Tiny Houses with a Sharp Exterior by Dutch Designers
  5. Small Attic Apartment Conceals Rooms Within It’s Walls by Elii Architects
  6. 20K House Project by Rural Studio Provides Homes For Those In Need
  7. Blob – An Unusual Micro-Home Encased in Storage by dmA Architecten
  8. A Whimsical Tiny Apartment by Torsten Ottesjö
  9. The Nomad Micro Home is Perfect For Cold Climates (and Warm Climates Too)
  10. Could You Live In A Public Lavatory? Public Bathroom Gets a Makeover by Laura Clarke


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