Tipsy Tiny House is an Urban-Chic Tiny House for Travelers

Called the Tipsy Tiny House, this home from West Seattle has been designed by its owner and architect, Chad Kuntz. The house, which is listed on Airbnb and HomeAway, has become a popular pit-stop for travelers.


The urban-chic tiny house mixes rustic aesthetics with contemporary design. The overall result is a unique, luxurious getaway capable of accommodating up to three people at any given time.

Tipsy Tiny House - Chad Kuntz - Seattle - Exterior - Humble Homes


Tipsy Tiny House contains a total of 180-square-feet (16.7-square-meters) spread of over two levels (the main floor and a sleeping loft). The exterior of the home is finished with reclaimed oak siding along with a mix of other hardwoods. The roof is sheathed with seam metal.

Tipsy Tiny House - Chad Kuntz - Seattle - Kitchen - Humble Homes


The modern roof, combined with the gray aluminium windows, help give the home a contemporary look. This play of old and new follows through to the inside. If you don’t like wood finishes this home isn’t for you; the floors, walls, ceiling and even the work surfaces are all finished in wood.

Tipsy Tiny House - Chad Kuntz - Seattle - Living Room - Humble Homes

All that wood has the effect of darkening the space, but thankfully Kuntz has opted for several relatively large windows and a skylight. The interior is kitted out with different pieces of tech including an LED fireplace, surround sound system, flatscreen TV, an in-wall bar, and a smartphone entry system.

Tipsy Tiny House - Chad Kuntz - Seattle - Writting Desk - Humble Homes

The living room is set just beyond the entrance, followed by the kitchen and bathroom. It’s urban-chic style is completed with black cabinetry and chrome fixtures. The double galley kitchen has all the mod-cons you’d need to stay a spell (or longer).

Tipsy Tiny House - Chad Kuntz - Seattle - Loft - Humble Homes

A ladder provides access to the loft, which, with all that siding and the skylight, is a rather cozy affair. They’ve even managed to squeeze in a small workstation found next to the entrance. If you’d like to trial tiny house living you can check out the Tipsy Tiny House on Airbnb.

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