Tiny Houses Have Arrived In The UK

The tiny house movement is slowly but surely making its way to the UK, and this company is the first I’ve seen to produce tiny houses on wheels similar to those in the US.


Tiny House on Wheels in the UK

Tiny House on Wheels in the UK


While the UK and EU typically have smaller homes than America or Australia,  there is a growing need for more affordable housing that is suitable in size for the needs of individuals, or couples. And so it’s no wonder that people are starting to look for an alternative to the traditional home; even if it is only a temporary one.

Tiny House on Wheels in the UK


Tiny House on Wheels in the UK

Tiny House on Wheels in the UK

Tiny House on Wheels in the UK

Mark Burton of Tiny House UK, builds either completed houses or partially constructed houses, allowing you to tackle the interior design and finishing. His tiny houses are finished to one of the best spec’s I’ve seen, and the use of drywall instead of wood cladding helps to make the interior feel larger and more spacious.

Via Tiny House UK

Niall Burke

Structural engineer by day, tiny house designer by night. Niall has a keen interest in small spaces, green design, and sustainability. He started developing Humble Homes while studying for his masters degree in engineering. He is the founder and managing editor of Humble Homes.

  1. Hi there,
    I like the model shown by Mark Burton of Tiny House UK, and the fact that his tiny houses are finished to one of the best spec’s you’ve seen, and the use of drywall instead of wood cladding helps to make the interior feel larger and more spacious.
    but I don’t see more information on how to get his plans, can I get them from your website? sorry if the answer to my question is right under my nose, i just didn’t see it.
    btw, I am a huge fan, the work that you do, is helping many folks like me, thanks a lot!

    1. Hey Wanda! Unfortunately, I don’t think Mark creates house plans for his tiny homes, but just builds them! I’ll send him an email and see if he intends to in the future :) and thank you, I’m glad you like the website!

  2. I love the idea of having a Tiny House, but not if it’s going to be on wheels. Can he build Tiny Houses as permanent structures?

  3. Hey Travis – If you check out the Tiny House UK website you can see a variety of different structures that Mark Burton has built. Also, I’m not aware of a minimum square foot restriction in the UK apart from London – best to check with Mark if you’re interested

  4. Is there a catalogue giving prices? Would be grateful if you could send details by email.

    Many thanks – just what we are looking for.

  5. Ann – As far as I know Mark from Tiny House UK, builds each tiny house specific to the client – I don’t think there is a catalogue for his tiny houses.

  6. I am still researching. However, I am seeing a mixture of fuel sources. The UK and Oregon – US have similar weather. What is used more in UK, and is it off GRID?

  7. Hi Annie – I don’t think the home is totally off-grid as there isn’t any mention of solar panels being used to power the home (although you could always incorporate them quite easily). You could choose any number of fuel sources to heat a tiny house in the UK – electric, wood-burner, coal-burner, propane fireplace etc. What it really comes down to is what type of heater makes sense for you/which do you want – is there a source of sustainably harvested firewood nearby, or a local source of coal?

  8. I am looking to buy a tiny house in london I wanted a 30 foot long 10 foot wide one but cant find a place that makes one that big in the uk. Any ideas. Do u know how much it would cost ?

  9. Hi SJ – We’re currently looking into building our Athru plan which is about 8′ by 20′. If you’re getting someone to build a custom tiny house that’s 10′ by 30′ I think it could easily cost £50 – 60k.

  10. HI Niall, you mention the Athru being longer but just wondering what the widest structure on wheels is that can be built, as don’t want to get involved with having to get planning permission but that living area looks very tiny and narrow indeed. Is there say, a 12ft x 12ft or 14ft x 14ft?

  11. Hi Lindsey, it depends on where about’s you’re from in the world. I read somewhere a while back that the maximum size for a static caravan in the UK is about 20′ x 60′ with a maximum height of 10′. Your 12-by-12′, or 14-by-14′ tiny house should be fine assuming you don’t intend to travel with it – once you go beyond about 8′ (2.55m in EU/UK) in width you might need to get a special permit to move the house.

  12. Wow! I want one…for my retirement! Love the idea of a tiny house. So beautifully done. Could I keep it in a garden in London and then up it to France or Italy a few years after buying one in UK?

  13. I love the idea of a “Tiny Home” but the BIG problem is where do you find land to live on in the UK. Do you just show up somewhere and live there until they tell you to move on or are there designated places one is able to live in such Tiny Houses in the UK? It would be very useful if someone could set up areas like “park home” type scenarios (but more widely spaced apart) where you could live in a “Tiny” Village.
    What options are available to “Tiny Home” owners/builders?

  14. I’m an American who considered tiny houses. Here, building codes on a property dictate a minimum size to a home, which is much larger than these. There are some progressive communitues trying to find spots for them. Many people use them as bed & breakfast or vacation cottages. On wheels, it’s registered as a recreation vehicle (travel trailer, caravan) thus, the wheels of the utility trailer upon which it is built. You have to find water, sewer, etc. for it. Yet, the way they are built cannot stand up to travel. They are meant to be permanently parked. I ultimately bought a travel trailer because I wanted to travel and couldn’t afford land for a permanent spot.

  15. Hi I’m curious about what options people who buy tiny homes have besides buying land especially in London, also what would be the biggest you could have in London and keep it mobile.

    1. Hi Pepsi, I suppose renting land, or possibly having a good friend who is willing to let you use their land. I’m not aware of any formal arrangements in the UK for tiny houses. Given that you’re location is London – and that you want to keep it mobile – I would say the smaller the better (perhaps 16′?). Also, you’d need to take into account the towing capacity of your car or truck!

  16. Niall me gustan mucho las casas pequeñas, porque creo que poseemos más espacio del que necesitamos. Mi pregunta es cuántos metros necesitamos por persona para vivir en una casa pequeña sin llegar a estar incomodos (tengo dos hijos mayores)

    1. Hi Jose – Unfortunately there isn’t really a standard figure; everybody is different after all. If I had to put a number on it I’d say at least about 14 square meters per person.

  17. Hello SJ Handley
    I just wondered if you managed to find someone to build your tiny home in london.

  18. wgHi,

    I was working in living & central london and jacked it all in for a simple life where i didnt need to work all the hours god sends. After buying a 27′ boat with my partner and relocating to brighton i found about the tiny house movement. I plan to quiz my
    Brother who is a surveyor and deals woth local councils daily and understands uk regulations which require a lot more circus acts to aquire permissions than in the US. I will let you know the regulations, sizes, uses etc for the people who wish to build a tiny home which is not a posh caravan…

  19. I recently ”found” these Tiny or Micro homes in the USA via Facebook and have become a huge fan! I moved to my retirement home almost six years ago but, I’d LOVE to be able to buy a decent sized ”Tiny Home” and site it somewhere here in the village where I live. I think they’re a fantastic idea especially for retired or older people as there is so much less cleaning and maintenance to take care of! I will seriously consider buying………………now, all I need is an appropriate piece of land.
    (Wouldn’t it be a great idea if a group of buyers managed to form a ”village” of like homes? I’d go with that!)

  20. Hi all,
    So I found this website whilst searching for information for tiny homes. I like in the UK and have managed to find a piece of land to buy of the council to house my tiny home. However, it was sold as a “garden/garage” plot, so I’ve no idea if I there is any planning permission to park it there or how to do that. The people I have spoke to in the council were terribly unhelpful so I’m trying to find out through other sources

    Any advice or help would be much appreciated

  21. Your comment:” maximum size for a static caravan in the UK is about 20′ x 60′ with a maximum height of 10′. Your 12-by-12′, or 14-by-14′ tiny house should be fine assuming you don’t intend to travel with it – once you go beyond about 8′ (2.55m in EU/UK) in width you might need to get a special permit to move the house.”
    I have contacted Mark with no reply, I’d like a 8″ x 24′ tiny house similar to the tumbleweed cypress vantage but completely off grid. I have a 3 year plan to be living in one. So according to your comment above I wouldn’t need to downsize to a 20′ but not sure of the max height it has I will confirm. I also would like to know wether one needs to licence it? and does one insure it as a caravan? Also do you know of any tiny house living communities in the UK? I don’t mind living on my own but would prefer to be in a like minded community. On that subject what are the UK land laws on having one on a piece of land permanently? Help much appreciated.

  22. Maja Wunder – I’d appreciate any information you can obtain about siting of your tiny house and any communities you year of. I live in the South West and, as I mentioned above, I would prefer to site my tiny house here in the village where I currently live but, it would be advantageous to live as a small community, I think.
    Thank you

  23. Hi Matt Mitchell, – I have been doing some research and it looks like there are few and those I have found in the UK are mainly ecological, spiritual or politically orientated. None so far have a tiny house amongst them. Some have very strict rules (apprenticeships even). I suppose it depends on wether you are thinking of staying for a few years or few months. I personally am thinking of about upto 1 year then moving on to Europe.

  24. Hi Maja Wunder — Thank you so much for your efforts. Siting is going to be much more difficult than I thought!
    Thank you again.

  25. Hi Niall great site. I an currently finishing building my own tiny house that I am moving into with my wife and two toddlers! We stay in north East Scotland . It’s 24ft x 9ft. It has a loft bed, kids bunk beds , shower room , kitchen , lounge and a storage loft. It was certainly a challenge designing the layout but we are happy with the way it works.

    It’s an ideal size for a retired couple ! My dad who helped me build it already has his eye on it for himself when he sells his house in years to come.

    1. Hi Andy — Sounds like a fantastic tiny house. The tiny house movement seems to be catching on a bit more in the UK (perhaps it’s due in part to Tiny House Nation being aired on More 4). If you have any pictures I’d love to see/share them through the website, just drop me an email :)

  26. Hi Andy Robertson – You could be the answer I am still looking for someone to help build my tiny house. I would like to be in contact with you and exchange some info. Do you want me to contact you on your website? I have a stepdaughter and grandson in Aberdeenshire.
    As a temp measure I will be moving into a 24ft caravan trailer, so there is no huge rush. I am looking at a few this weekend. As my VW Camper and Teeny Caravan are too small.

  27. Does the tiny home plan he sells include the trailer? Now sure how it works. I’ve seen some tiny home companies in the US and they sell the trailer separate. Can anyone give me some guidance.

    Thank you

  28. Hi I too am interested in downsizing to a tiny house. is there anyone interested in starting a tiny house community to build our own homes? if so please contact me.

  29. There are a fair few folk on this site trying to get to the bottom of how and where to site a tiny house and it seems to me that there aren’t any answers from the searching I’ve done too. It just seems to me that whatever you do with a piece of land, whether you own it or rent it, you can’t just simply live on it if you want to. This makes me really cross. There is so much land in this country that is sitting idle and overgrowing. Why can’t folk be allowed to park a tiny house on wheels on it? There really does need to be an official body that ought to be able to provide the answers to all the questions we are posing. Where do we put a tiny home when we get/build one? I watch the programme on More 4 and get so frustrated that in the States they seem to be able to simply plonk a tiny home wherever they see fit!! I’ll be keeping an eye on this site in the hope that someone might come up with some answers! Thanks all!

  30. UK is sooo complicated… Looks like I have to move to the US:)) and also 18.000 pounds for a tiny home????

  31. Hi Beverley I am interested in starting a tiny house community to build our own homes and buy a site

  32. I too watch the tiny house nation on More4 and love the idea of living in a small house on wheels but need it to be as big as the ones in america as I have a daughter who spends time with me…it is a shame that looking into it, it appears the UK is not an ideal environment for this type of living…..it is stupid you cannot simply live on a piece of land in a simple way….oh I forgot they want you to pay council tax and bills bills bills they dont want you off grid and out of the system……

  33. I have been an interested future builder/occupant of a tiny home for some time now, however as with many people on this website there seems to be a distinct lack of knowledge regarding the finer points of legal placement and other such issues in the UK.
    I would like to purchase a plot of land including forestry to place it on. I to would be interested in a “community” aspect if feasible.
    The building/planning side of things would be of no problem to me but anyone who can furnish any legal help or coming up “self build” projects that might be able to be joined I would be most appreciated.
    Best regards

  34. You can search planning for ‘mobile homes’ which sort of covers the tiny house but it really does seem that you’re absolutely stymied in this country, whatever you want to do regarding building anything offgrid on your own, or anyone else’s piece of land. You can own woodland but you can’t live on it. France is a bit easier but even there they are getting more strict.

    We’re looking at doing something in the tiny house way in the near-ish future but it seems to be so difficult to see where you start when there is so little scope unless you own a piece of land with planning permission on it! And that will be far more expensive than we’ll be able to afford.

    We would be really keen to build up some sort of contact/communion with like-minded folk and maybe try and forge some clearer ideas and knowledge of how ordinary people who want to live small and offgrid, and who aren’t loaded, can do so. I would be happy to make investigations but it would be super to share the pathway with others who, too, are keen. Anyone interested in sharing thoughts, ideas, support, knowledge etc?

  35. I would be very interested in a Tiny home community too.
    I seems to be luckier than most people here as I have a caravan (26ft) that I can use the chassis to make in Tiny House on and I have it on a residential site (well the owner has a licence for year round use).

  36. If you’re looking for somewhere, I have a plot of land (Scotland). Drop me a line.

  37. I am wanting to build a tiny home, any clarification on the legality of living in a tiny home on wheel base and understanding of council tax implications etc. I would love to hear from you. Could you not just rent\buy a piece of land and live off of the grid?

  38. Hi, me too want to know/ join the community for tiny houses, would love to live off-grid in future and build our own tiny house.

  39. I’ve been researching the feasibility of tiny homes in the UK online, to no avail. Mark sells them but it is unclear from his website whether it’s legal to dwell in one – I suspect the answer is no for now.

  40. I also live in Brighton – hoping to get in touch with Mike but ‘Reply’ function does not seem to be working.

  41. I’m also interested in living in a Tiny House community and agree that it’s really unclear in the UK where and how to go about this, what with our planning laws being so complicated.

    The reply function is not working well on this site, but if anyone is interested in setting up a Tiny House Community in the South of England, please join my facebook group and we can see if collectively we can get some clarity around this. https://www.facebook.com/groups/tinyhousecommunityuk/

  42. Hi DW,
    Can you let me have a few more details like where the land is, the size, closeness to clean water, price you require, etc.
    Best regards

  43. im selling my house and building a tiny house to get out the rat race. Tiny house UK never responds to email and this doesn’t give me much reassurance. Buy a little plot of land. Have it on wheels. Buy plans and build yourself for half the price. Live on that land. Travelers do it. Write to your MP’s and ask for a solution. The UK has a housing crisis. A solution / showing support for these homes would be good PR

  44. Hi Lisa,

    If you get some luck with finding land in the South of England to site a Tiny house community I would very interested but I don’t do Facebook sorry but you can get me on my email hoboman.rb@gmail.com.
    I have comment on May 9th 2015.

  45. Hi there I am another very interested in starting a grassroots organisation in Scotland or for Scotland to investigate further and forge links to the relevant bodies required to enable such a community to be started at some point in the near future, if enough really truly interested, available people with varying skill sets could come together for the better good of the assembled community would be’s I am sure a council in the sparcer areas of Scotland could be convinced of the viability of such a scheme, particularly in the Highlands where there is a great deal of otherwise useless land, if it would be that say already rented social housing were to be returned as a result of permission being granted let’s say I am pretty confident that a route could be found to make this happen, a community of likeminded sociable, all as equals could set a prescient for more similar schemes countrywide thus I would urge all interested parties in the UK to come together under one umbrella groups, with regional sub-groups I.e. Scotland Ireland Wales & England no so on but using one name, one set of rules and one common goal, to be off-grid, self sufficient communities dependant upon ourselves for both our living, food and amenities with NO political, religious or activist agenda, all those interested in such a long term vision, or that have land available, or that could offer services please contact me at tinyhouse@post.com many thanks for reading Dougie “separately were just a lone voice, however together we have to be listened too”

  46. Hi Niall sorry for the delayed reply. No internet in our tiny house! We would love to share our photos when we get a chance. I’m planning to set up a website when I get time. Currently building my dads new 260m2 not so tiny house ! After that I build my iwn new house so a bit hectic at moment. I have taken orders to design/build 2 tiny houses already with people who drove past and stopped to look at our tiny house! Most people are intrigued as to how 2 adults,2 toddlers and a large Newfoundland dog can live in a tiny house. When they come inside they realise it’s bigger than it looks due to vaulted ceiling and clever use if space. I’ll try send you photos m. Where do I send them?

  47. Hi maja wunder sorry for delayed reply! I’d love to build you a tiny house. I’m not sure the email function on my website is working. Can you pm me on here? Failing that u can give you my personal email. Where about in Aberdeenshire? I’m near Inverurie .

  48. I would also be interested in this. I would prefer down south, but anywhere in the UK, or parts of Europe, are fine as long as it is reasonably safe, legal and with electrical, sewage and internet connections.

    I find the planning laws in the UK (and Europe) really frustrating.

  49. Hi Niall and Tiny House guys,

    I’ve just been having a read through all these comments and so excited that so many are looking to start Tiny House communities. Started researching just at the time you first posted this Niall and it’s still coming up top in searches… we need more content out there that is UK based for all of us to share and support each other :)

    I’ve been working on a project to build a tiny house/art studio over the last year but want to make this a project for everybody. So we’re creating it from donations of time, expertise and also materials… I’m planning to set up a “virtual home” for us all to share our knowledge and ideas as after researching Tiny Homes in the UK for 2 years now it is still REALLY difficult to get any straight answers for UK laws (road and buildings).

    Please check out the temporary website: http://www.theslow.life I’d love to hear more from you all :) I’ll see how we can set up a link over to your site as well Niall :)

    Look forward to talking to you all more,


  50. LOL. Same name ,building the same thing,from same place ,but in Canada BC now. From what is see Regs about size is ,almost the same everywhere. 13.6 Hx 8.6″ W.

    The TLH ,i am in the process,of building,is on a 5th wheel,as it gives a lot more length ,32 Ft. Also easy access to bed room.In UK not very common,as you need a large truck,which is not so common.
    Also weight factor has to be taken into consideration.Which limits ,materials one can use.
    I,m lucky ,my base carries 17 tons.For most bases ,dry wall is out of the question,however with new tec,Featherlight,makes it possible,1/3 rd lighter.Also kidding,now there is a product,OSB,with a weather coating ,comes in 4 x 8.sheets once again much lighter.With a sort of barn board/bark type Finnish.Here in BC we have ,totally different weather conditions than ,back in Wales. Sometimes highs of 42c and down to ,very rare mined you Minus 42 c. So an R factor is very important.( Insulation).Roofing also weight factor.
    I have found a steel roof to be the lightest,and a very long life,if maintained well.Suggestion,coat with Elastomeric paint.Every 10 or so years. The TLH should last for 50 Years if not more.
    Mine i am building for homeless,as rentals in BC are way beyond low income persons. It is a Pilot Project.Will be featuring the build on U-Tube.
    Plans for doing so. Vary,depending on the base ,weight,and requirements.My advise,for what its worth don’t waste money on them.If you don’t know how to do it ,just go to the web and get visualization,and adapt ideas.there are hundreds of them. But every unit is individual.
    Cost wise,in BC would be around $30,000 plus the labour,fully loaded. Depending on the base,and weight capacity.Happy building Guys. Chris.

  51. Hi all,
    This is a fantastic forum and a real eye opener into how many people are actually taking genuine steps to both producing variations of a tiny house and are intrigued at setting up tiny house communities across the UK.
    Whether it be planning permission, building regs, land availability, etc, there does seem an endless amount of pitfalls for this scheme to become a reality. Can anyone advise – what if a version of a tiny house was to be designed and built by myself which had Type Approval from a corporate approved inspector? Would that help to get past any of these obstacles?
    Any info or experiences and knowledge would be very much appreciated. I’d also welcome direct emails at luke.johnston1310@gmail.com

  52. Hi
    I have been looking into building a tiny house we really need some clarification on what it is, if its on wheels surley you dont need planing permition if the house blends with its surroundings .
    So its on wheels so you can take it on the road, you need to build to trailer/ caravan regulations I am not sure about the hight though the trailer regulations give hight restrictions , who knows , then do you have to dry wall the interior is it a fire regulation I would like an answer to that as if you where to move the house a few times it could crack , I would prefer t&g painted white

  53. I think the only legal way of getting a tiny house community going in the UK is to utilise the land surrounding a property and have everyone listed as living in the property (for council tax purposes) and to use the property itself as a communal dwelling (similar to co-housing where there is a communal house/kitchen) because as long as everyone is either eating meals every day in the listed property and/or sleeping in that property all the tiny houses would just be classed as temporary accommodation. Also, water could be provided via the main house.
    That gets round the rules part…. now all we need is to club together, find and buy the property! If anyone is interested in starting something down South please contact me coz I’d join!

  54. Hi, my girlfriend and I are very keen on building a tiny house in the near future. We recently moved back to the UK after 6 years living in Canada were I was involved in building timber houses which is where I developed the skills to build my first tiny house. The build took 5 days from bare trailer to rolling shell. Check out “my tiny space” on Facebook for the videos of the build. Do you know if a tiny house needs to be registered to tow on the road, in Canada the trailer needed to be but the house was regarded as a load and as long as it was within height and width restrictions and securely fixed it was fine.

  55. Wonderful to see so many people becoming part of the Tiny Revolution????
    I’m just in the process of starting design for my tiny house and I’ve found someone who can build it but same as everyone else it seems finding somewhere to site my new home is the problem!
    I’ve been led to believe you don’t need planning permission for a Tiny House with wheels, but obviously you will have to move it and height restrictions are dependant on how close you are to a boundary. There is a lot to consider!

  56. Really interesting reading everyone’s comments, I am desperate to live in a tiny home, but it does seem that finding somewhere to park it is a major problem, I’m thinking of approaching the planning people for advice ?? Not sure if this will be of any benefit , after reading all the comments. I would really appreciate any advice any of you have

  57. The UK is in the grip of a housing crisis. And soaring rents, poor conditions and rising homelessness are the end result.
    For decades, successive governments have failed to build the homes we need. This means that every year more and more people are being priced out of home ownership. It means rising rents and more people competing for every single home.
    Speaking personally, as a middle-aged man who has always rented and will never be able to afford to buy I have a personal stake in seeing this crisis dealt with.
    However, there is more than just housing at stake. It’s not good enough to simply build houses. Communities must also be built.
    That means providing facilities and jobs. Something that binds people together within their locale.
    I’ve been thinking about this for quite a while now, and I’m going to use Facebook to post my ideas and see what people think of them. Who knows, perhaps I can find a few likeminded individuals and we can come together and build something.

  58. I’ve been researching tiny houses as a way of developing a community. I’m posting them up on my Facebook page, please come on over and tell me what you think.

  59. @Ateve your not alone buddy my Pin is full of them I’m days off opening a website dedicated to UK examples, I have no illusions about the pace that it might take in order to take off, BUT if it supplies me a body, anybody that knows more of this subject than we are so as to upset the apple cart so as to get an audience so as to get a chance to devise a method of profiling these Tiny Homes, storage container builds and DIY small homes builds as a means to an end firstly in order to share, start and a few scones for the conclusion.
    We have a social rented property at present stuck in a housing estate that we absolutely hate all that in all truth keeps us going us the absolute money source it once was and could be one more, we came here to gather information as to her health conditions and living full time in any type of tiny house the whole idea fills me with a real sence of pathological old paper emulating from the bin area, when it was actually investigated there was sight unseen abo

  60. Good to see that the tiny house movement has found its way to the UK. I have recently returned after living for 6 years in Canada. I was involved in framing houses ( all houses are timber framed in Canada ) and gained extensive knowledge, so I built my own tiny house. Check out “my tiny space” on Facebook to see photos and videos of the build. I am now looking at setting up a business building tiny houses here and until now wasn’t sure if there was a market, but there obviously is.

  61. I’d love a tiny house, but have run into the same frustrations as everyone else re. planning permission and where to site it. Is anyone else in South Yorkshire/Barnsley/Sheffield area interested in the idea of joining forces to buy land for a tiny house ‘village’ – it would have to be a joint effort, as land with planning permission tends to be expensive!

  62. Hello –

    great design – and like the whole concept of just reducing down. We use/consume more than our needs in general; but that being said, some of us are in a financial pit with standard housing.

    I have a space in my garden which one stood a long (30′) kennel and run (professionally made. Sadly, it was stolen and lifted over the fence by the tenants who once lived here. Thank you very weak UK law that protects the lazy criminals and squeezes the hard-working! (Rant Over – honestly) ;-)

    What I like to do is build an office come relaxation space on the concrete platform that already exists; with the flexibility to turn it into an occasional spare room. No plumbing – but maybe a water butt for filling a kettle. The design of either a pitch roof or slant roof micro house would be perfect. However – I am not sure if it would be allowed. I got away with the kennels because they were non permanent and far enough away from the main building – but I have read elsewhere that micro houses need to be further away and must have wheels to be considered not part of the house.

    Does any one know what is allowable or not here in the UK?


  63. Hello, does anyone know what the maximum allowed height is for a tiny house? I am planning on buying plans for the hOMe tiny house but it is an American model, so not sure if the height requirements for towing are different to here in the uk. Thank you!

    1. Hi Sacha, in the UK there is no maximum height, but it’s generally good practice to go no higher than 4 meters due to bridges. Once you go over 3 meters the trailer will also require a notice stating the height.

  64. I am very interested in building my own tiny house in Scotland could you tell me where the land is?

  65. Fran May 21, 2015 at 9:33 pm – Reply

    I also live in Brighton – hoping to get in touch with Mike but ‘Reply’ function does not seem to be working

    Hi Fran,

    Mike here was checking back on the site to see what has happened in with the tiny house movement in the uk… Im here for the next few months before we go sailing. add me on linked in as i have social media.

  66. in case anyone is interested I am trying to build near Edinburgh and looking into doing a group purchase of land if you have any interest let me know I am looking at a few locations now message me at hapkidoist09@yahoo.com

  67. My daughter is hoping to move near Lewes East Sussex. She has just left Uni, and is hoping to buy a Tiny House. Does anyone know of any land to rent>

  68. Hello Tiny Houslers,

    I’m new to this forum as I just found researching the net for how can I make my dream of peace and my own home possible..The tiny house would make a this dream come true.. I have read all your comments and it is really interesting to get some insides..I’m work and live in London and would like to find a solution where to stay with my tiny home then.. I read that you guys want to set up a community or also try to buy a piece of land..how are you getting on..is that still in discussion..and I have not tried to contact Mark yet but in case there is no answer who else would be able to help me to build my tiny house.. Thank you very much for reading my comment and I hope we can get in touch to make our dreams possible. I just joined the Tiny house community on fb but if anyone wants to drop me an email, please feel free: helu284@gmail.com

    PS: While researching I found this regarding some law restriction on height


  69. Hey all,

    I live in the North West of England and for years have fancied a self build/small house on wheels but of course the biggest obstacle is land & planning permission.

    If anyone one else is looking for a tiny house community and share land & help each other out with all the rules and regulations & just general support, please get in touch.


    I was also wondering about the possibility of living in a tiny house on wheels but renting the land maybe in a motor home park, to then allow me to continue to save for some land in the future? Would this be a viable option? Would this be allowed?

    Good to see so many tiny house minded people like myself here in the UK.

  70. Hi There,
    There is a newly formed organisation called Tiny House Solutions which I am involved with that aims to work towards removing the barriers to small and tiny sustainable living solutions in the UK. It intends to give information like the current planning info in Scotland England, Ireland and Wales, how to find land, how to find finance to build a house and will provide a hub for people looking to find others to form communities.
    At the moment though we are just trying to get people to do a survey to build the case for tiny and small sustainable living solutions to others and to work towards lobbying for change to make this way of life easier. It would be very helpful if anyone considering a tiny home could do this survey. The survey is at the top of the facebook page at http://www.facebook.com/tinyhousesolutions there is also a link on that page to the organisations group forum where people from anywhere in the UK can begin to come together to discuss tiny homes if this is of interest to the people on this thread. .

  71. Hi. I looking into tiny house living and would like to live as part of a community. I have a small budget so I would like to know of anyone has land that they are willing to rent or if anyone has found land that if a group of us get together and each put money towards buying for that purpose. I am I’m scotland and would like to remain in scotland.
    Any info would be greatly appreciated!
    Thanks in advance x

  72. Would love to live in a tiny home is there any communities or places to put the house that’s a bit more permanent in the south west of England!!
    please help

  73. Does anyone know where in London I could site my tiny home? If there are any forums with people who have got plots in the city? …I remain hopeful against the odds! :)
    Any help is gratefully received.

  74. Hello!

    I’ve been trying to get in touch with Mark but to no avail having sent several mails and made calls.

    Can someone help or provide alternative sites, information, info as to how one can buy such a lovely accommodation.

    I look forward hearing from you!

    Warmest wishes

  75. Svetozar, I haven’t had any replies from Mark either, I am now looking at companies in France & Belgium. In particular, La Tiny House in France.

  76. The FB group gives me hope Niall, that I will eventually get to realise my tiny house dream in the UK :)

  77. I keep returning here.

    I just watched a documentary called “minimalism” which featured tiny homes. it reminded me of here. forgive me as I’ve only scanned the comments so answers may have already have been given. In Scotland at least, provided the dwelling is mobile then there are no planning laws to stop you. it occurs to me that there are so many benefits to this type of living but it’s still missing parts.

    Community – there is a push in this direction generally on co-housing and other shared living but not yet this area.
    Land sharing – there is so much land around. people buy parking spaces. why can’t we rent small spaces? gardens are everywhere.
    Off-grid – I realize this is impossible (today) but why can’t we use PV and store the energy? reclaim rain water? tiny homes but can’t they be smart homes also?

    I guess I just think there is so much more that can be done.

  78. Hi all, little unsure with how the regs would work out with our planned build so was wondering if anyone could clarify. We’re looking at self building a 3 bed ‘tiny’ house on a 2.55x7m trailer, now I know there’s no height restriction for towing in the UK other than needing to have a notice for max height if it’s over 3m (ours would likely be around 4.5m), but to be classed as a mobile home the internal height has to be less than 3.05m, is this a case of there not being legislation to cover this? Ultimately we’d likely only ever do one trip with this from where it’s being constructed to whatever land we purchase but wanted ask in case the actual building itself would be considered illegal. Oh btw, handy tip I read recently, law says if you buy non residential land you can only be resident there for 28 days a year, so, divy it up in to 13 plots, sell them to family/friends and move it every 28 days.

  79. Hi,
    I am wanting to move back to the UK but realise I can’t afford to buy there now.
    I am very interested in having a tiny house and I’ve been doodling designs for months now.
    The problem seems to be……where do you put it?
    I don’t have a family with a long back garden, even small pieces of land are expensive or you’re not allowed to put a dwelling on it.
    I can’t bear the thought of having a THOW and constantly “moving on”, it would make me feel like a vagrant and I’m too old to be doing with it.
    Are there communities out there?
    Can anyone advise me?