Tiny House On Wheels Is A Colorful Writer’s Studio

Called the Hobbit Hutch, this quaint little vardo-esque caravan has been designed and built by James Magnum as a writer/artist studio. The tiny house is only 56 square feet in size and features a variety of bright and colorful elements. When James and his wife, Sidney, aren’t using the creative getaway it doubles as a guest house for their grandchildren.


Hobbit Hutch - Writers Studio - Jim Magnum - Humble Homes

Set in Bastrop, Texas, the structure of the Hobbit Hutch was built on tractor trailer that measures just 8-by-5 feet. The overall footprint of the house/studio has been extended through the addition of the small 20-square-foot porch at the entrance. The house is also fully insulated to protect it, and its inhabitants from cold spells.


Hobbit Hutch - Writers Studio - Interior - Jim Magnum - Humble Homes

The front end of the Hobbit Hutch contains a mini kitchen with a variety of small appliances including a coffee maker, a small cooler and a gravity fed sink. At the back end of the house you’ll find a pull-out dining table, placed in front of a raised bed. Jalousie windows surround the bed/seating area providing natural ventilation and lighting. There also appears to be a small wall-mounted AC unit to help maintain a comfortable interior temperature.


Hobbit Hutch - Writers Studio - Kitchen - Jim Magnum - Humble Homes

After completing the majority of the interior, James and Sidney have decided to incorporate an outdoor propane-powered shower and a cassette toilet (commonly found in RV’s and boats). The shower curtain will provide privacy for both the shower and the toilet. They also plan to hide the toilet in a colorful plywood bench, making it a little more inconspicuous.

Hobbit Hutch - Writers Studio - Table - Jim Magnum - Humble Homes

The interior is as colorful and imaginative as the exterior. You’ll find homey items like the faux wood-burning stove, and a variety of textures and fabrics – there’s even a black chandelier hanging over the dining table. The aim for James and Sidney is to create a tiny space that’s totally self-contained and can serve a variety of functions. All told, the cost of the Hobbit Hutch amounts to around $4,000. Not bad at all if you ask me.

Hobbit Hutch - Writers Studio - Bed - Jim Magnum - Humble Homes

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Photos submitted by James Magnum

Niall Burke

Structural engineer by day, tiny house designer by night. Niall has a keen interest in small spaces, green design, and sustainability. He started developing Humble Homes while studying for his masters degree in engineering. He is the founder and managing editor of Humble Homes.

  1. I would like to know what material the ceiling is covered with. I love how quaint and peaceful James Magnum’s Hobbit Hutch seems.

  2. Linda – the “bathroom” is an exterior add-on that they plan to include in the future. Deborah – it looks like wood to me, but I could be wrong!

  3. Adorable – wish I had something so lovely when I was a kid – or even as a kid at heart visiting friends – I wonder if they have problems with guests ‘overstaying’?

  4. At 8’x5′ what size is that bed? or is that specially cut to fit? I have a small gypsy wagon 10’x 5’3″ & I am trying to figure out the same things – their’s look so much bigger than mine though! is there a site that shows all four walls?



  5. A common problem when building too small is the bed fits short people..Legal road width is now 8.5′ and to build any type of habitat that is meant to live in narrower makes no sense.In other words if you are building this narrow you should consider building a longer unit so you can have a bed like most motor homes have that is accessible from either side and storage under.Most RV’s found in wrecking yards will have the lift assembly’s still available at modest cost.Even though a fully functioning Motor home of 20-36 feet length can be had for as little as $1800 if you shop around(In driving condition) sometimes having something you have done yourself that is “Vardo”like is a better fit.I just feel it should be at least 18′ long just for the 1/2 bath and extended bed.

  6. Hello.. are kits available? This is exactly what I am looking for in my tiny home.
    I simply need a place to sleep, a toile and walk-in tub, and a place to store food and cook it…
    I can have a deck built outside and eat there… Does it come painted? Can it be customized?
    Thank you