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145 sq/ft
Loft Bed
1 Bath
Trailer / Foundation
145 sq/ft
Loft Bed
1 Bath




Exterior Details
Footprint 6'-6" x 17'
Total Area 145 sq ft
House Height (exc trailer) 11'-7"
Interior Details
Living Area 6' x 7'-1"
Bathroom 2' x 5'-11"
Bedroom 8' x 6'
Kitchen 6' x 4'-6"
Ceiling Height 7'-0"
Self-Build Cost


Example Plan Set
Cover Page & EULA
  • Full-color exterior rendering of the tiny house
  • Full copy of the End User License Agreement
Foundation Details
  • Construction details for fastening and building the house on a trailer
  • Construction details for a permanent, footing and block wall foundation
Exterior Elevations & Roof Plan
  • Annotated elevation drawings for the front, back, left and right
  • Annotated roof plan with pitch
Floor Plans
  • Construction floor plan, detailing door and window locations
  • Architectural floor plan, detailing rooms and features
Electrical & Water Schematic
  • Suggested location of electrical outlets and fixtures
  • Suggested pipe runs for fresh, grey and black water
Framing Plans
  • Detailed construction plans for the floor, wall and roof framing
  • Detailed construction plans for internal partition walls
  • Detailed construction plans for any ancillary framing
Cabinetry Construction
  • Construction details for any custom cabinetry
Building Section
  • Annotated building section details of flloor, walls and roof
  • Generic exterior wall and roof details
  • Details of any house-specific furniture, fittings and fixtures

The Ernford Porch Tiny House Plans

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