Tiny House Plans – What’s Included?

All Of Our Tiny House Plans Include The Following Details

All plans include the required details to build a home on a  trailer or on a permanent foundation. Trailer specification, method of attachment, and framing construction overview for flatbed and utility trailers is also included.
Annotated exterior elevations of the front, back, sides and roof.
Detailed floor plans of the first floor and loft.
Detailed construction floor plans with details related to room dimensions, location of windows, doors, and interior partitions.
Plans include longitudinal and transverse interior elevations, with construction details, hints and tips.
An electrical schematic containing details for the location of switches, lights, plugs, carbon monoxide detector, smoke detector, and extractor fans for the first floor and loft.
Framing details for the construction of all aspects of the house including the floor, walls, loft, gables, roof and interior partition.
Plans contain details of timber elements which are required to be cut to specific angles and lengths. This includes framing members like rafters, fly rafters, fascia and gable-end framing.
Plans include details and dimensions of kitchen cabinetry. In addition to this, plans also contain a dedicated page for custom cabinetry – with dimensioned drawings and a construction overview guide.
Cross-section details (or transverse section) containing important information with regard to wall thickness, paper barriers, sheathing, insulation, flooring, wall and ceiling details, exterior cladding etc. This page also contains details of general construction practices to help ensure the durability of your home.
All plans contain a nailing schedule for all major structural elements of the house – floor framing, walls, roof, partitions, sheathing – we’ve got it covered.
Specification for the various components shown in the plans. Such as roofing, doors, windows, shower, kitchen sink, stove, refrigerator, chairs, water heater etc. Please note that this is not a materials list. We recommend contacting a certified construction estimator/quantity surveyor for the production of a materials list.

Some Of Our Tiny House Plans May Include The Following Details

A schematic showing how to power your tiny house with a grid-tie, solar panel array.
Details related to a basic plumbing with the use of grey-water and fresh-water tank system.
A simple yet effective rainwater catchment system that can be used to retain water during dry periods. This can be handy when you have a garden, or are growing your own produce.
Details related to the construction of a kicker box, mounted on the trailer. Kicker boxes are typical used for the storage of electrical, water and gas components of tiny houses.