House Plans

What’s Included in our Tiny House Plans

Example Tiny House Plan Sheets

A typical set of tiny house plans from Humble Homes contains the following details. Note that not all house plans may contain every item listed here. Some plans may contain more or less items. Please check the “What’s Included” section of each tiny house plans page for the specifics.

Cover Page

A full-color cover page with a scaled isometric and elevation drawings.

Trailer Details

Details explaining how to fasten and build your tiny house on a flatbed trailer.

Foundation Details

Details explaining how to fasten and build your tiny house on a permanent wall and footing foundation.


Detailed elevations of the front, back, left and right side of the tiny house.

Roof Plan

A plan of the roof with slope and finish details.

Floor Plan

A plan of the tiny house's layout, indicating rooms and flow through the home.

Construction Floor Plan

A dimensioned floor plan, indicating sizes and position of rooms, cabinetry, windows, doors and other items.

Electrical Schematic

The suggested layout and location of electrical components, such as lights and outlets.

Plumbing Schematic

The suggested plumbing runs and details concerning fresh water, black water and gray water.

Interior Elevations

Cross-sections through the home depicting the layout and arrangement of internal cabinetry and general layout.

Framing Plans

Pages detailing the entire framing of the tiny house, from the floor framing, to the walls, loft and roof.

Timber Cut Details

The cut details for roof rafters and any other studs.

Partition Framing

Detailed drawings of the location of any partition walls, and their construction.

Cabinetry Construction

An overview of the construction of any custom cabinetry, with notes, and complete drawings.

Kicker Box Construction

Details for the construction of an external kicker box, placed over the trailer's tongue. The kicker box can be used to house water tanks, gas cannisters and other equipment.

Building Section(s)

The building section diagram is one of the most important details in any house plan. It depicts details related to the building envelope and the house's overall construction.

Nailing Schedule

Recommended nailing schedule for each of the framing elements in the house - floor, walls, roof, etc.

Components & Notes

A page detailing the recommended appliances, windows, doors and other interior features.


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