Tiny House Builds

Build a tiny house for $20,000 instead of buying one for $100,000

While motivations for building a tiny house differ, you can be certain that self-building will save you a lot of cash. Below you'll find a selection of built tiny houses based on our tiny house plans.

Jay – California, US

Jay and his partner needed a tiny house that was able to accommodate their work and lifestyle. Sustainability was also an important factor, with solar power generation and rain-water harvesting being built-in to the design.

Being a keen musician and textile artist, the couple needed a space dedicated to their work. As such, the Blue Jay tiny house comes eqipped with a small but sufficient office, along with a functional kitchen, and a social living area.

Shaye – Auckland, NZ

Shaye was exploring the idea of going tiny all the way back in 2012 and in 2013 she bravely bit the bullet by tackling her own self-build.

Shaye purchased a set of our tiny house plans and used them as the blue print for creating her own tiny house.

Her first tiny house, which was based on our McG Loft V2 tiny house plans, served as the catalyst for creating her own successful tiny house business.

Shawn – Arizona, US

Shawn was one of our very first customers. He had been following another tiny house build based on one of our plans and decided to reach out to us about creating his own.

Shawn loved the original McG Loft tiny house plans we had on offer, but needed just a little bit more space (an extra 4 foot to be precise).

After scoping out Shawn's needs, we produced what is now our most popular tiny house plan, the McG Loft V2.

Randy – Texas, US

Randy was our very first customer, going all the way back to 2012. Randy had been researching tiny houses and after some initial discussion, he decided that our Rooke tiny house plans met his needs perfectly.

Randy purchased his set of plans in May 2012, and within 4 months was nearing the completion of his tiny house

His tiny home reflects his passion for the wilderness, the freedom to roam, and music.

Karen – Detroit, US

With retirement on the horizon, Karen was exploring alternatives to the traditional route of downsizing.

Karen consulted with Humble Homes to produce a tiny house that met her needs. Specifically, a small - yet spacious - home on wheels, fit for the needs of an older person.

The result of that process was the Turtle Tiny House, one of our most popular tiny house plans.

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