Tiny Contemporary Cabins Hang Over the Sea in Manshausen Island

This series of modern cabins can be found on Manshausen Island in Northern Norway. The cabins have been designed as part of an adventure/explorer resort, formed by polar explorer, Børge Ousland. Local architecture firm Stinessen Arkitektur were responsible for the design and delivery of the project.


Manshausen Island Resort - Stinessen Arkitektur - Norway - Exterior - Humble Homes

The resort has been titled Manshausen Island Resort, and contains a number of units that cantilever over the Barents Sea. The resort also includes two existing structures on the site – an old farmhouse and the stone quays, both of which were renovated during the course of the project.


Manshausen Island Resort - Stinessen Arkitektur - Norway - Interior View - Humble Homes

The units themselves are small but sufficient. They have two floors with a ground floor that contains the main living spaces, and a small library on the upper level. The orientation of each unit takes into account the surrounding landscape, and also the degree of privacy provided with respect to the other cabins.


Manshausen Island Resort - Stinessen Arkitektur - Norway - Kitchen - Humble Homes

The ground floor is composed of a living area that doubles as a bedroom, a kitchen with a dining area, and plenty of storage space for all your luggage. There’s no mention of a bathroom, although there’s bound to be one either included in the units or nearby. They’re also capable of accommodating between 2 and 4 people depending on the size of the cabin.

Manshausen Island Resort - Stinessen Arkitektur - Norway - Water View - Humble Homes

The glazing in the units steal the show, blurring the line between the exterior and interior. From the architects: “The cabins are designed to offer their guests shelter and comfort while at the same time underlining the dramatic experience of the elements outside; the sea, landscape, changing lights, weather and different seasons.”

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Photos: Siggen Stinessen

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