Tiny Art Deco Apartment Serves as a Calming Holiday Home in Sydney

The city of Sydney is no stranger to small and tiny apartments. As the population of the city increases, people are turning to smaller, more affordable alternatives in order to get on the property ladder.


This tiny apartment has been given a face-lift by local architecture firm, Architect Prineas. It’s been designed to serve as a comfortable short-stay boutique accommodation, but could easily be used as a full-time home.

Small Apartment Architect Prineas Sydney Australia Bedroom Living Room Humble Homes


With only 236.81-square-feet (22-square-meters) to work with, Prineas had their work cut out for them. Everything had to be made to measure and custom-built in order to achieve the flexibility and utility the owners required from the space. The result is an efficiently designed home choc full of space-saving ideas.

Small Apartment Architect Prineas Sydney Australia Bedroom Humble Homes


The interior is finished with mostly neutral tones – given it’s purpose, there are no outlandish color schemes. Instead, everything has been chosen with the aim of creating a relaxing, comfortable getaway. As seems to be the current trend, wood and white make up the bulk of the finishes, although the kitchen goes for a more daring matte black.

Small Apartment Architect Prineas Sydney Australia Bedroom 2 Humble Homes

The entrance of the apartment leads directly into a small kitchen. It’s more of a kitchenette with everything stored in one small unit. They’ve also taken advantage of a mirrored backsplash, helping to give a little more depth to what is really quite a confined space.

Small Apartment Architect Prineas Sydney Australia Kitchen Humble Homes

The main room is occupied by a living room/bedroom. The bed is set on a custom-built platform that houses an entertainment unit, as well as providing lots of underfloor hide-away storage. The living room is simply set at the foot of the bed and consists of not much more than a couch and TV.

Small Apartment Architect Prineas Sydney Australia Bathroom Humble Homes

Mirrors have been used throughout to keep the rooms bright, and make them feel larger. The bathroom is found next to the sleeping area. It features a timber slat floor, a walk-in shower, toilet and a wall-mounted sink. There are also art deco references found throughout, like the floating bedside cabinets and the curved mirrors.

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