Tiny Apartment Tour by Graham Hill of Treehugger

It should come as no surprise that Graham Hill, founder of Treehugger, lives in a tiny apartment. Hill lives in a 350 square foot apartment that features a host of space-saving, multifunctional furniture and innovative design solutions. The combined factors allow Hill to maximise his lifestyle with minimal effort, in a minimum amount of space.


To create a super-efficient layout, Graham enlisted the help of designers Adrian Iancu and Catalin Sandu. Together they produced a plan that would be flexible and respond to the needs of the individual(s). This aspect of flexibility and responsiveness is addressed through the use of a dynamic wall partition. The partition can be moved to transform the main living space into one of several possible configurations, allowing it to be used as a living room, office, bedroom, guest room, walk-in closet and dining room.


The moveable partition also doubles as a storage unit, and a Murphy bed is used to turn the living area into a bedroom. Overhead cabinets provide further storage and also conceal a projector that allows the room to be used as a home cinema.

The bathroom is split into three separate areas for the shower, toilet and sink. The toilet space doubles as a soundproof nook, creating a little getaway.


The kitchen is a simple set up and doesn’t have a traditional “permanent” stove. Instead, Graham makes use of cook-tops and a micro-wave convection oven for cooking.

To allow the SOHO apartment to maintain its sense of space, emphasis is placed on the temporary storage of objects and furniture. The ability to store and conceal these elements, when not required, avoids clutter and its ability to reduce apparent space. They also contribute to the modern minimalist aesthetic.

The unique apartment has functionality at its core, combined with its variety of design strategies.  The capitalisation of space to maximise utility makes this home not only efficient, but also pretty green. Tailored to Hill’s needs, the apartment may not be to everyone’s taste, but there’s no denying its innovation.

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Niall Burke

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