Tiny Apartment in Madrid by Zooco Estudio Features a Tile and Mirror Finish

Zooco Estudio, a Madrid-based design office, were responsible for transforming this 388 square foot (36 square meters) apartment into a bright, colorful home. The property now features a geometric interior design, making heavy use of tiles and mirrors.


Mosaic Apartment - Zooco Estudio - Madrid - Living Area - Humble Homes

The architects state their aim with the redesign was to “fill the perimeter as the service space and to empty the center, generating a habitable area”. Based on the photos, you can see that the living areas have been created along the walls, and projections into the central space of the home have been kept to a minimum.


Mosaic Apartment - Zooco Estudio - Madrid - Kitchen - Humble Homes

With such a busy interior, light played an important part in creating a sense of spaciousness. Two large operable windows provide plenty of natural light for the shared living area. This is then aided by the mirrored ceiling, bouncing light further into the home, and increasing the perceived ceiling height.


Mosaic Apartment - Zooco Estudio - Madrid - Living Room - Humble Homes

From the architects: “Each wall has a goal and a function by creating one central stay where life is carried out. The surface of each of these vertical planes exhibit the different scenes that daily life requires.” The walls have also been coated with hexagonal tiles throughout, providing them with a much more textured finish.

Mosaic Apartment - Zooco Estudio - Madrid - Indoor Garden - Humble Homes

While no floor plan is available, the apartment contains to a resting area that leads into the bedroom, a bathroom, a kitchen and dining area, and a “green area”. The green area is features a wall of aromatic herbs, and is to be used as a “disconnect from everyday life”.

Mosaic Apartment - Zooco Estudio - Madrid - Bathroom - Humble Homes

On the subject of the tiles: “The intention was to create a singular and unique space using distinctive materials: the touch of wood on the floor, the effect of a ceiling coated by mirror and the play of colors and mosaics, that provides the whole space a point of attachment.”

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Photos: Orlando Gutiérrez

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  1. Hah, more like a gigantic beehive than a house/apartment… lol

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  2. Aw, that looks lovely! I’ve lived in a tiny studio apartment for years and must say I can’t help the charm of such small yet open spaces… I wonder where the bed area is though… Love the tile!