Tiny Apartment by PLANAIR Boasts Creative Plywood Partitioning

At just 322 square feet (30 square meters), this apartment in Milan, Italy, doesn’t have doesn’t have a lot of space to spare. However, the designers have come up with a number of smart storage solutions to create a fun and functional small home.


Creative TIny Apartment - Planair - Milan Italy - Living Room - Humble Homes

The Italian studio PLANAIR were responsible for its redesign. During the makeover they took advantage of raised living spaces, hide-away components, and room dividers. Blonde plywood was the material of choice, given its aesthetic appeal and flexibility.


Creative TIny Apartment - Planair - Milan Italy - Bedroom Revealed - Humble Homes

The ceiling and some of the walls are finished in white. The floor features what looks to be large floor tiles. The remainder of apartment is taken up by the plywood components, from which the designers have carved out the living areas, furniture pieces, and storage cabinets.


Creative TIny Apartment - Planair - Milan Italy - Sleeping Space - Humble Homes

The bedroom is contained in a raised section of the home. It can be completely screened off from the other areas to create a private, darkened bedroom. Circular cut-outs in the plywood screen allow small beams of light to enter, creating a speckled interior.

Creative TIny Apartment - Planair - Milan Italy - Pull-out Stairs - Humble Homes

To climb the unit, a set of pull-out steps is used. When they’ve not needed they’re simply rolled away out of sight. The underside of the bedroom is used as a half-height wardrobe – the entire platform can be tilted, providing access to the owners closet.

Creative TIny Apartment - Planair - Milan Italy - Kitchen and Dining Area - Humble Homes

The other rooms are formed around the bedroom, with the bathroom to its left, the living room and kitchen to the front, and the dining area along the gable end wall. The dining area can also be screen off from the living room/kitchen.

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