This Tiny House on Wheels Takes Inspiration from Beach Houses

In the summer of 2014, Patrick and Sarah Romero, along with the help of Sarah’s father, built this light-filled tiny house on wheels. The duo, who work as videographers, built the house as a means of generating extra income through rental. The house contains a total of 192 square feet (17.8 square meters) and features a light and airy interior.


Tiny House by Patrick and Sarah Romero - Utah - Exterior - Humble Homes

The design of the home was based on creating a fresh, beach house-like aesthetic: “We wanted something really clean and fresh looking, almost beach-like. We loved the idea of all white with pops of accenting colors in the decor.” From the outside the tiny house errs on the decorative side, with white-painted board and batten cladding.


Tiny House by Patrick and Sarah Romero - Utah - Interior Living Area - Humble Homes

The decorative nature is continued on the inside, with wide skirting boards and trim. It also has one of the most unusual ceilings I’ve seen in a tiny house thanks to the pyramid skylights. The interior finish, like the exterior, is mostly white with the odd accent of color coming from furnishings.


Tiny House by Patrick and Sarah Romero - Utah - Living Area - Humble Homes

On entering the home, you walk into the main living area; a shared space that serves mainly as a living room, dining room, and kitchen. The kitchen is small but suitable for guests who there for a short stay. There’s a sink, stove and microwave. A small fridge is presumably stored beneath the sink.

Tiny House by Patrick and Sarah Romero - Utah - Kitchen - Humble Homes

The rear of the house is dedicated to the bathroom, which, when compared to other tiny houses, is huge. The loft is set above the bathroom and start of the kitchen and can sleep up to two people. Another two people can be accommodated through the use of a sofa bed.

Tiny House by Patrick and Sarah Romero - Utah - Bathroom - Humble Homes

The house cost in the region of $25,000 to build, but it wasn’t all plain sailing. Local laws and regulations regarding accessory dwellings are quite strict. The Romero’s were forced to move their tiny house from their ideal location to an RV park where they could continue renting it out legally.

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Photos: Patrick & Sarah Romero

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  1. Wow. I did like this inside and out. Fresh, colorful. Only thing is the going up and down the ladder and no support going across the loft space to help someone get up and down more safely. I di like it a lot.