This Mountainside Retreat from Australia is Made with Shipping Containers

This black steel cabin juts out from the side of a hill near Wye River in Victoria, Australia. It’s been designed as a weekend retreat and is made from shipping containers.


The project, simply titled “House 28”, was taken on by the Australian firm, Studio Edwards. The firm overseen the projects progress from inception through to completion in 2018.



The unit is composed of two shipping containers, which are connected together and set atop of steel supports and pile foundations bedded into the hillside below. One of the units houses the retreat’s living spaces, while the other contains the sleeping spaces.



A small sheltered porch is used to bridge the two containers, as they extend away from one another at an oblique angle. A much larger deck can be found to the front of the containers. The deck overlooks the valley below, which eventually gives way to the coast.


The inside is a sharp contrast to the black outside. You’ll find nearly all surfaces lined with marine grade plywood. The wood, coupled with floor-to-ceiling windows and patio doors that run along the length of the home, creates a warm and bright interior. Even the kitchen units and work surfaces have been formed out of the wood.


The main container features a living room at the far end, followed by a kitchen/dining area, and finally a toilet/utility room before reaching the entrance. The second unit contains two bedrooms, as well as a toilet and shower.


From the architects: “The Southern facade is predominately glazed with a series of double glazed doors and windows opening onto the decking which looks southwards through the trees towards the ocean. A green roof planted with native dichondra sits above, providing additional thermal insulation & rainwater filtration.”


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Photos © Tony Gorsevski

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  1. Interesting that it’s near the Wye River in Oz. Yet in the UK its river is called the River Wye… must be because you are up over… ; )