This Apartment Renovation from Spain Replaced the Roof and Introduced a Loft


This tiny abode can be found in the area of Sant Joan de les Abadesses in Spain. It’s set at the top of a four-story residential building and required an intervention to make it habitable for its current owners.

The property features tall ceilings that extend up to the roof space – a feature that was capitalized on during the renovation with the creation of a mezzanine like room.


The project was taken on by a local architecture firm called SAU Taller D’Arquitectura. Works were completed in 2017, and resulted in a cool, contemporary pad filled with white walls, wooden ceilings, and lots of light.


The renovation was simply dubbed “Casa Aleix I Mariona”, presumably after the current owner-occupiers. They now share a 431-square-foot (40-square-meters) space (although, it’s not clear whether this area includes the loft).


A considerable amount of work went into replacing and repairing the property – much of the roof wasn’t watertight, and parts of it were in such as state, that the roof was condemned. The existing roof structure was replaced with a single Pratt truss.


The inclusion of the truss allowed the architects to create the loft area, adding an extra 205-square-feet (19-square-meters) to the home. Other areas were also revised, repaired or replaced as necessary.


From the architects: “Coming to this intervention, we found the existing communal stairway, the bathroom and the kitchen against the party wall on the north side. A bedroom and dressing room/study are inserted into the loft, where they enjoy light and ventilation through the roof.”


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Photos © Adrià Goula

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  1. this border house is efficiently planned, bright and cherry. Might not be so comfortable in the coldest of climates. I think that the trick is to design in the spirit of “vacation” houses and with more permanent residency in mind. “both and” not “either or”.

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