The Woodman’s Treehouse – A Luxurious Getaway by Guy Mallinson

This project, dubbed the “Woodman’s Treehouse”, was a collaborative effort between Guy Mallinson and Keith Brownlie of the firm Brownlie Ernst and Marks. Together they’ve created fantastical woodland retreat that’s perched just below the canopy of the trees.


The Woodman’s Treehouse is set in West Dorset in England. The structure was built with a number of traditional skills, and local materials, and the end result is a unique luxurious getaway that’s available for nightly stays.



Set two-storeys above ground level, it’s supported by a series of piles that are angled to help to create a less man-made appearance. The exterior is finished in sweet chestnut. The wood has been cut, chopped, and stacked to create the wall cladding. Elsewhere, they’ve used oak laths and hand cleft oak shingles for the roof.



Raising the structure provides plenty of opportunities for window openings to capture views, both of the immediate forest and beyond. The interior is a mix of traditional materials and construction techniques with a very modern aesthetic. Wood elements can be found in every room, but are balanced by plain white walls.


The layout revolves around a central portion of the treehouse. At its heart you’ll find a circular living room with a few pieces of furniture spiralling a wood-burning stove. The living area is open to both the bedroom and the bathroom (with the toilet being kept separate for a little bit of privacy).


The bathroom is clad with black-painted wood siding and is mostly occupied by a large free-standing copper tub. The front features a glass “wall” that runs the width and height of the room. It looks out upon the dense woodland, which also provides you with plenty of privacy.


An exterior deck plays a large part in the getaway. It acts as a spot for relaxing on, be it in the hammock, or the outside shower. An extra element of whimsy, in the form of a slide, can also be found on the deck.

The Woodman’s Treehouse is available for rent, but being the unique and luxurious getaway that it is, it does’t come cheap. It’ll set you back £310 per night or $379 US (which isn’t all that bad compared to what it would have been a year ago – thanks Brexit).

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Photos: Guy Mallinson

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